Team-Building Activities

Team-Building Activities

Cohesive teams are the foundation of all successful businesses.  When your team members know and respect each other, they’re getting the job done, every time.

But while team-building isn’t necessarily rocket science, it is a bit of an art.  You need to know your teams well enough to mount activities that will speak to and excite them.

And that’s where Incentive Travel Group comes in.  We’ve been in the incentives business for over 20 years, so we know a little about team-building.  There are as many effective ways to create strong teams as there are teams, so we go to the source, talking to your employees about what gets them going.

Then, we mount team-building activities that send your teams back to the office ready to rock it.


Strengths and weaknesses are what we’re all made of, but physical challenges take your employees into an environment where they’ll need to apply their strengths and weaknesses intelligently.  That might be a hiking event, or a day of rock-climbing.

It might even be a group walk on the famed Camino pilgrimage route in Spain.

But one thing’s certain, physical challenge is one of the most popular themes in contemporary team-building culture.


Fostering team creativity is another contemporary theme making waves in the world of team-building.  Whether you build the activity into a team trip to an exotic location or roll it into a conference or day trip close to home, nurturing the creative impulse in your teams can bring forth untapped soft skills not even your team members aren’t aware of.

And that’s an incredibly powerful advantage.

From creating sand mandalas to drawing or painting them, to problem solving adventures in wilderness areas, team-building exercises which give your team members a chance to ignite their creative side can reap tremendous benefits.

Bonding on the beach

There’s no place like a tropical beach for your teams to discover each other as people.  Time together in an unfamiliar location opens the floodgates, allowing team members to see each other in a more three-dimensional way.

That might have something to do with the sun, sand and warm tropical breezes.  And you can intensify that effect with tropical team-building that can’t be found any place but at your chosen destination.  Take them on an ATV adventure in the rainforest, or shuttle them to a little-known stretch of sand for an evening campfire with local cuisine and regional music.

How can you not bond when you’re in paradise, discovering who these people you work with really are?

Incentive Travel Group

At ITG, we approach team-building as an art form and an exploration of human interpersonal dynamics that can open the door to success.  When teams are connected through common experience, they gain new insight into their co-workers, enabling them to create an entirely new way of working together.

That’s something we find exciting, so we bring you tailored team-building, whether at home or abroad, that bonds your teams together in common purpose and drives your organizational goals forward.

Contact Incentive Travel.  Let’s discover your business’s secret team-building sauce.