Building Employee Teamwork

Case Study – Building Employee Teamwork

A medical device company wanted to bring together its employees to educate them about a new product being launched at the company. The cost benefit of the plan was tremendous: instead of paying to have sales management travel to numerous different locations, the company was able to bring together everyone in one central location all at once. The event also worked to facilitate employee teamwork and collaboration. Camaraderie and mentorship between seasoned sales veterans and the newbies improved company culture.

Peak Performance conducted all necessary research to help the company choose an appropriate destination. Peak also negotiated with hotels and coordinated travel service, including air transportation, airport transfers, a welcome reception, meals, and meeting space. All in all, this was an invaluable opportunity for the company to present a new product, educate employees about the product, and teach sales technique — all while improving employee teamwork and collaboration and improving company culture.