Employee Rewards

Employee Incentive & Rewards Travel Programs

Invigorate your company through unique recognition, retention, and customer loyalty reward programs from Peak Performance. With a customized rewards program, you can improve company performance, motivate employees, and encourage a lasting customer connection.

Numerous studies have shown the benefits of employee recognition and incentive programs. One study showed that for every $2,500 per employee that is invested in incentives, company sales increased by 20%. Can you afford NOT to reward your employees for their hard work?

Take your employee incentive program to the next level with two options from Peak Performance:

Customized Rewards Travel  Voucher Program – Our Incentive Travel Vouchers are great for many different ways to recognize your employees and clients, including Retention and Recognition, Sales Incentives, Year of Service Awards, and Client Retention. Learn More!

Custom web-based rewards program from Peak Performance – A rewards-based program ensures that your employees are motivated to do their best work and that they receive the recognition and rewards they deserve in exchange for a job well done. A rewards-based incentive program package from Peak Performance allows participants to choose their own rewards, guided by the specific parameters you set. With a rewards-based incentive program, your employees have the freedom to choose the rewards that matter most to them. Cash bonuses only go so far in motivating certain employees – some employees simply respond better to tangible rewards, like brand-name merchandise; intuitive digital rewards, like books and movies; and individual travel opportunities. View More!

Our expert planners can strike a perfect balance between your budget, benchmarks, and objectives to ensure that both your company’s and your employees’ needs are met.

We utilize a planning approach that is unique and proactive. The end result is an effective and powerful incentive program that motivates and inspires your employees, as well as improves the overall performance and morale for each member of your organization.

With a rewards travel program from Peak Performance, your employees and customers will love being able to customize their travel incentives, and they are guaranteed to return rejuvenated from a truly unique and memorable experience. If you go the route of a rewards-based incentive program, your employees will enjoy having the freedom to choose the incentives that give them the best value for their hard work.

Reward programs shouldn’t come with hassles and hoops to jump through! By partnering with Peak Performance, your company will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Planning around your budget and goals – no minimum purchase is required
  • Complete flexibility – no set dates or destinations
  • Expert planning partners who will handle every detail
  • Generous payment terms – nothing is due until 30 days after booking

No matter what your company goals may be, the experts at Peak Performance will tailor a program that suits your needs. Whether you seek to build customer loyalty, improve workplace wellness, or prevent incidents and improve production, we invite you to experience how your company can reward, retain, and motivate your employees and clients through a customized incentive program from Peak Performance. Schedule a complimentary consultation today with a Peak Performance Rewards Planner by clicking on the “Start Planning” button in the sidebar.