The modern workplace has changed rapidly in recent years.  A good paycheck and benefits are a start, but employees now want more.

They want upward mobility, certainly but they also want that mobility to reflect a career trajectory about which they’re passionate.

With the market leaning toward highly skilled employees, the cream of the crop is highly mobile.  Keeping these people on your bus is therefore a matter of giving them what they want.

And part of what they want is travel.

While setting up a travel program to satisfy the itchy feet of your people is a little more complex than keeping the snack cupboard well-stocked, it renders dividends that make it all worthwhile.

Travel Benefits Employees and Employers

Travel incentives have a proven impact on employee morale.  Going on vacation is something we all look forward to, but when the vacation is provided as a reward for a job well done, or presented as a brass ring for superior results, the impact is even more beneficial.

Productivity and morale are given a boost and culture is galvanized by these factors.  Happy employees benefit from a culture which meets their needs and answers their desires stick around and work hard.  Employers enjoy a solid, consistent workforce and reduced turnover costs.

How to Make It Easier to Offer

An employee travel program may be more complicated than addressing the snack cupboard in the break room but there are some smart ways to make it easier for your company to offer.

Part of the Job

One of the more obvious means of making travel easier to offer your employees is by incorporating travel into their roles.

Conferences and trade shows are a great way to get your employees to destinations of interest, adding excitement and a sense of ownership.  Being on the ground to represent your company is both an honor and an opportunity.

Travel Rewards

Offering your star performers paid travel packages as rewards is another way to boost morale and strengthen the culture of performance you’re building

Maybe it’s not possible to send everyone but sending top-performing staff sends the right message.  That message is that people who go beyond what’s required will be rewarded.

Build It Into Culture

Building travel into your corporate culture is a matter of raising its profile and actively seeking to encourage employees to travel more often, for pleasure, work and on your dime.

Does this sound expensive?  Not really, when you consider the ROI represented by corporate travel incentives – it’s astronomical and encompasses better retention and performance and reduced turnover.

Incentive Travel Group

ITG has been getting people places for over 20 years.  We’re the incentives experts, building incentive programs while taking the details off your plate.

From rewards to travel vouchers, to group incentives, ITG is your source for winning incentives that boost morale, while getting the best from your people.

If you’re ready to create a workplace staffed by happy people, you’re ready for what ITG has to offer.

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