2016 was a banner year for incentive travel, but 2017 will be the strongest yet.  As companies begin to get the message that incentive travel works, offering exceptional ROI via employee motivation to perform, the industry will only burgeon. The rebounding global economy is at the heart of the emerging incentive travel boom.  Confidence in this economic upturn has inspired companies to devote an increasing chunk of their budgets to incentive travel.  Since 2014, that chunk has grown by over 30%.  But several other factors play a role.

Peak experiences.

In a world grown small, people may still have a burning desire to see the Eiffel Tower or the Pyramids.  However, they’re more likely to want to ride a camel in Giza, than to simply take a selfie.  They’re more likely to want to experience the Eiffel Tower on a Parisian aerial adventure than to see it from a conventional perspective. The thrill of an experience that’s singular is imprinted on the memory forever, especially when shared with close colleagues, as a team.  Providing your people with well thought out, peak experiences that speak to them on an emotional level is a key trend.

Health and wellness.

The relationship between performance and employee health and wellness is well-documented.  Employees who are well in body, mind and spirit are ready to do their best work.  Awareness of this effect on the executive level has risen sharply in recent years. Coupled with the rising trend toward healthier living through activities like Yoga, executive awareness has created the conditions for health and wellness to become part of the fabric of incentive travel.  Corporate retreats which revolve around Yoga, spa services and activities like hiking are all contributing to the spike in interest in incentive travel.

Value consciousness.

Every employee has value to your organization.  From the person responsible for deliveries to the executive tier, every single person working with and for you brings unique value.  As organizations become more aware of this, the scope of incentive travel has broadened to extend its benefits beyond those traditionally included. With more employees entering the embrace of travel incentives, the demand for rewards like these are expanding, driving the need for corporate planners to gain greater insight into the interests of their co-workers. You can see why this year will be the strongest for incentive travel.  As the sector evolves and more companies are using its benefits to increase performance and reach organizational goals, the landscape is changing in creative and dramatic ways. At Incentive Travel Group, we think that’s exciting.  With evolution comes growth and 2017 promises to realize more of incentive travel’s potential than any other year, to date.  New wrinkles in incentive travel represent opportunities to inspire your people to greater heights. For quality incentive travel planning, implementation and programming, Incentive Travel Group brings your organization over two decades of experience.  With logistical expertise and relationships with key vendors all over the world, we bring you incentive travel’s leading edge.  Contact us for more.

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