barcelona-beachBusiness organizations design and implement travel incentive programs in order to achieve a variety of goals including boosting sales, attracting and retaining top talent and bolstering the competitiveness of the enterprise.   But why do some organizations falter, while others find success in their incentive packages? What separates effective incentive travel packages from the rest?   Successful incentive programs share a few common qualities. First, the objectives are made clear to all stakeholders before implementation, including key elements like metrics and earning periods. The rules for the program are clearly outlined and complemented by the effective communication of the program parameters.   But apart from these, successful organizations have a few tricks in their arsenal.   One of the keys to success in implementing a travel incentive program is highlighting the role of both senior and middle managers. In designing an effective program, senior managers should be made active role players, acting as supporters for the personnel under their wings. Additionally, their interaction and engagement with their staff can reinforce an employee’s resolve to perform well.   Effective program communication factors in not just the guidelines of the travel incentive. More than that, successful organizations put a premium on detailing the progress of each participant. Upon the conclusion of the program for that given year, successful organizations also make it a point to acknowledge the efforts of both the winners and the rest of its personnel.   Another major quality that distinguishes successful incentive programs from its counterparts is the premium placed on making these fair to all participants. Questions pertaining to the rules and eligibility of participants can undermine the objectives of the incentive program. Apart from that, a successful program foster healthy competition instead of animosity among participants.   Careful attention should also be paid to selecting the destination for your program if you want it to succeed. Ideally, your personnel should be surveyed as to what they think is a suitable travel destination that will motivate them.   However, overall success does not hinge solely upon effective implementation of the travel incentive program. Organizations can maximize the efficacy of the incentive program by building upon its success. For example, the conclusion of the program is the perfect way to facilitate networking and identifying best practices. This enables the organization and its personnel to implement cascading of the effective practices that helped winners to stand out from their peers. Additionally, successful organizations recognize that incentive programs must be constantly modified, specifically in the choice of the rewards/destination, thus keeping it fresh and appealing year in and year out.

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