Incentive programs are designed to motivate and inspire action from employees and from customers. A majority of incentive rewards are usually non-monetary; instead of handing out bonuses to your best performers or cash to loyal customers, your incentive program may feature travel rewards.

Why should your travel rewards include group certificates?

Gift certificates offer numerous benefits, including the fact that many people recognize them. Gift certificates provide convenience. They are also pretty flexible in that they would work for employees, and for the B2C and B2B market. And what’s more, you can reinforce branding by having your gift certificates bear your company name.

Group travel certificates are good for your incentive program because you could access numerous discounts. Airlines, hotels, and other leisure destinations can offer significant discounts for group travelers. You will be able to manage incentive program expenses without diminishing the experience for participants.

But cost reduction is not the only benefit of this gift certificate. For some people, it’s important to share the experience of a trip. The more the merrier, as the saying goes. Whether it’s an exotic destination or a weekend trip outside of the city, having friends or family along enhances the thrill of a trip. After all, your top performers may get their inspiration for hard work from friends and family. They would naturally want to share the reward with their support system because they, too, deserve a fair bit of recognition.

By rewarding your employees or customers with group certificates to certain destinations, you allow them to share the experience of a well-deserved trip. And that will boost interest and participation with every incentive program you develop and implement.

You can even use the group certificate as rewards for the most valued suppliers. The group certificate could work for a small company that delivers specific products or services for your business. Instead of sending your suppliers the usual branded mugs or keychains for the holidays, you can create more impact with gift certificates for group trips. You not only enhance the professional relationship but also score future discounts from the supplier.

Incentive travel is a wonderful way to show your company’s appreciation for excellent performance and for loyal patronage. With gift certificates for group trips, you also secure significant savings, from accommodation discounts to group promotions from airlines. And you still provide the most memorable experiences for participants.

So when you need more results from your incentive program, ask about group trip certificates.

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