Coffee mugs. Pens. Shirts. Eco-friendly tote bags. Employees are no strangers to the useful and charming little items that their employers shower upon them as tokens of appreciation for their great monthly performance, flawless attendance records, participation in company events, and other instances. And while these little gifts also play a simple role in marketing the business  when the merchandise comes stamped with the company logo and other branding materials, there's no way that these items can be seen as fitting rewards for much bigger achievements, such as hitting the right sales numbers, securing valuable accounts, and building lasting relationships with customers.

For such stellar performances and achievements, having corresponding rewards and incentives can go a long way in helping to ensure that employees and team members remain poised to put in their best work and contribute their top efforts to specific company sales and productivity targets. Many organizations choose to offer monetary awards to match their employees' great work, but it's been found time and again that there's one thing that motivates and inspires people to strive for excellence more than any other reward, and that would be a travel incentive.

Travel incentive packages can include all kinds of provisions, but which ones are sure to pique employees' curiosities and give them that helpful little nudge to do their best? Here are some of the most preferred travel incentive offerings among employees today.

Hotel Stays. Something as simple as a reservation for a great room or suite in an elegant hotel in the city can already prove to be an excellent treat for many employees.  A weekend in a luxurious hotel accommodation with plush fittings and all kinds of comforts, without all the chores and errands that one would constantly fret about at home, can be a truly rewarding break for hardworking sales teams.

Sporting events. There's no shortage of sports fans in any company, so it's a great way to cater to your staff's interests if you offer good tickets to upcoming sports events as sales incentives. Your staff can have fun in the company of their friends while rooting for their favored teams.

City Tours. Just because your office is located in a specific city, it doesn't mean that your employees have discovered every great restaurant, club, museum, park, and local activity in it. Give your team members a chance to explore your city anew, or provide them with arranged tours to a different (but nearby) city for a refreshing new experience in local haunts.

Luxury Cruises. Impressive achievements at work call for equally impressive incentives, and one that is much sought after is a luxury cruise. Not everyone can afford to go on an extended vacation aboard a grand ship, so this will be an excellent opportunity to help them clinch an unforgettable travel experience.

Global Escapades. Perhaps the most coveted travel incentive packages ever, trips to exotic destinations abroad would be the icing on the proverbial cake. Whether you're sending them off to a tropical island paradise, sites of ancient civilizations, or simply any country halfway around the world with a completely different culture and way of life, an adventure abroad is a highly popular incentive and very effective in motivating employees to give their all at work.

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