Sometimes, bosses try to be sensitive and offer individual trips or travel GCs as incentive, thinking that their employees would better appreciate the time away from their colleagues, but there are advantages in offering group incentive travel instead, including better ROI for the company. Therefore, it would really behoove employers to reward with group travel. With travel incentive programs, the return on investment is gauged to produce a profit of about $3.80 for every dollar spent. This is almost 400 percent profit, something that very few investments are able to achieve. The numbers are even higher when group travel is involved. Group rates typically equate to lower costs per head, especially in the matter of transportation. Understandably, with bigger savings come bigger profits. Most of the time, group trips are not only more affordable but are also better motivators for performance and loyalty. Traveling and experiencing new things together allow colleagues to exchange fresh ideas and think more creatively than they would within the confines of their workplace. General bonhomie is promoted and people return to work with renewed vigor. This generally leads to increased sales, better productivity, higher customer retention, and more inspired teamwork. Besides this, supporting a group travel program also allows a business to promote its corporate identity. For the recipients of the incentive, it’s a reward for their performance or loyalty, a fruit of their labor, a sign of appreciation for their contribution to the company. Unlike a simple trip, group incentive travel is a branded experience, something that is not available to the general public. Everything is customized to fit the company culture and business goals. Organizing group trips also means better opportunities for making special arrangements. If it can be established that a certain number of people are going, it’s easier to arrange something like a golf tournament or some other unique experience only possible for more than two or three people. Another thing about group travel is that it’s a relationship bonding opportunity for the participants. It doesn’t matter if the group purely consists of employees or if it’s a more mixed bunch, allowing interaction between bosses and staff, the company and the employees’ spouses and children, etc. It’s a great way to fortify friendships and endear the company to employees and their families. At the end of the day, it’s really the social aspect that wins the argument for group travel. A big part of what makes travel so enjoyable is the interaction between companions. For a thoroughly rewarding incentive, group travel is the best option to take.

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