Sales incentive programs are living things.  Once constructed, they should never be simply left to chug along on auto-pilot, for that reason.  There are myriad ways to maximize your sales incentive program in 2018. Building a better mousetrap means improving your program’s ROI, by enhancing key facets of how you manage and deploy it.  When your sales people are good and engaged, your ROI is set to “grow”. Let’s look at how to make your sales incentive program even better in 2018.

Make it about more than results

Sure, results matter.  But where do those results come from?  They’re not only about your top performers and what they bring to the party. You need to reward the behaviors and habits that makes your sales figures healthy.  That means recognizing employees who are diligent about pursuing opportunities for training, following up on new clients and red-flagging great opportunities. You’re nurturing the top performers of tomorrow, so find ways to recognize positive behaviors that support enhanced sales.

Communication drives engagement

If you’re wondering why more of your sales people don’t engage with your sales incentive program, the fault may lie in something as simple as communication. Remind your employees of current incentives and check in with them, casually.  Are they enrolled?  Do they know how easily they could be part of the reward?  Sending out reminders and notifications or using a social media platform dedicated to the program are ways to ensure that engagement is global.

Renovations required

A dynamic sales incentive program is the only kind worth pursuing.  Your organization has goals and objectives which shift with time.  The same is true of your incentive program.  It’s not just there to be “nice” to your sales people.  It’s there to push results. Take a good look at what you’re doing now.  Does it need a re-think to encompass current organizational goals?  Does it need a fresh coat of paint?  Better communication?  A change in focus?  Keeping your sales incentive program a dynamic, living thing will make it much more effective.

Keep it simple

A cumbersome administrative setup is the worst enemy of a dynamic, effective sales incentive program.  Keep documentation simple.  Don’t bury people in reams of paperwork and layers of approval.  Participation is what you want, so lower barriers that may be making employees reluctant to engage. Online options which are easy to use (an app?) are your best bet for making your sales people want to connect, because it’s easy.  Who doesn’t like easy?

It’s all about them

A winning sales incentive program recognizes the interests of the employees it’s seeking to engage with.  That starts with a clear plan to glean the required information ensuring that you’re pressing the right buttons. At Incentive Travel Group, we create sale incentive programs that speak directly to your employees, giving them exactly what they want.  We’re logistics, travel incentive and meeting experts who extend your capacity, making incentives a natural outgrowth of your organization. Contact us about ways to maximize your sales incentive program in 2018.

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