Half the fun of business travel is in the creativity applied to getting your people from place to place, once they’ve reached the destination.  Depending on where you’re going, you can find some very interesting and unique ways of getting around. While in Antigua, Guatemala, for example, you and your colleagues might like to climb into a caravan of tuctucs (motorcycles re-tooled as two-wheeled taxi cabs).  Rickshaws, used in numerous Asian destinations, are another fun idea for moving your entourage around. Let’s review some out-of-the-box transportation ideas for business group travelers to get the creative juices flowing.

The romance of the train.

Orient Express What could be more evocative of times past than traveling on one of the great luxury trains of the world?  The Simplon-Orient Express might become your ticket to Istanbul, after arriving in Paris.  Imagine your group enjoying the view, as you build your team and make plans for future organizational growth. And the Oriental Express is by no means alone.  The famed Blue Train of South Africa and the Royal Scotsman in the UK join it as a peak travel experiences.

Kind to the environment.

With everyone’s eyes turned to the health of the environment we live in, it's unavoidable that transportation is evolving to be kinder to the environment. One example is in the world of taxis.  London’s Radio Taxis Group is a carbon neutral service, featuring over 2,000 of the famed black London cabs in its fleet. Take the time, when planning your business travel transportation, to identify companies which similarly run carbon neutral vehicles.  It’s a conversation piece that’s bound to impress your group with the thought you’ve given to the environment.

Ding!  Ding!  Ding!

tram in Rome Trolleys and trams continue to operate in many major cities around the world, including Rome, Italy.  San Francisco’s are internationally famous.  Having declined in popularity during the Age of the Automobile, these venerable public transit icons are making a comeback. China has now invented the first driverless tram and Knoxville, TN is promising to unveil a driverless trolley in the New Year.

Get on your bike.

Among these unique transportation ideas for business group travelers, one of our favorites is the bicycle.  So many cities are offering low cost pay-per-ride bike rentals, that they’re an enticing option.  Today, there are more than 50 cities with these programs in place. Riding a bike also offers your group the opportunity to see the destination from another perspective, while getting a little exercise to work off the rich food that so often figures into business travel.  And these days, riding doesn’t even have to be remotely dangerous, with bicycle paths cropping up everywhere to accommodate an increase in ridership.

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