They say that cash is King.  Salary is a major deciding factor when people consider job opportunities.  But the ground under cash incentives is shifting in 2017 and decisively. Research is bearing out that employees respond more favorably to travel incentives.  The promise of a glorious getaway to a place they’ve never been, enhanced by recognition in the organization and a chance to enjoy time with co-workers in a relaxed setting, hold more allure in 2017 than ever before. The Incentive Travel Council’s research bears that out.  Fully 90% of employees stated they were much more attracted to travel incentives than cash incentives.  It’s also demonstrably true that travel incentives were more likely to reduce costly turnover in organizations. When employees feel appreciated, they feel motivated.  They’ll go the extra mile when they understand that they’re valued and will be rewarded for measurable results. Travel incentives better than cash incentives in 2017?  More American employers than ever before are realizing that they are and moving to increase budgets to offer these prized motivational tools to their employees.

Building morale and connection.

Anyone who understands the social nature of human beings understands that a sense of connection and belonging in the workplace is crucial.  Not only does building bonds within teams and within the greater organization reduce turnover, it helps organizations promote and develop key talent. Being given an opportunity to get away with co-workers is a peak experience that’s not soon forgotten.  Permanent bonds are forged in this way.  As team members come to know more about each other, their ability to work effectively together is enhanced. That means improved productivity and a boost for your bottom line. Cash may be King, but it only goes so far.  There’s no experiential rush associated with cash.  There’s no sharing of a sunset in a tropical port, or hanging out by the fire in the ski lodge after conquering the slopes.  Incentive travel delivers the kind of experiences people long for.  Etched on their memories, travel incentives are singularly motivating.

Motivate with Incentive Travel Group.             

With more than two decades in the business of providing organizations like yours with quality incentive travel experiences, Incentive Travel Group is a leader in the sector. We understand that companies need to motivate employees from where they stand and what interests them. That’s why our process for establishing an incentive travel program draws on the dreams of your employees and your vision. We’re the logistics experts, taking you from the planning process through execution to evaluation.  We work with you to refine travel incentives, making them even more successful and fruitful. We know that travel incentives are better than cash incentives in 2017 and that’s why more employers are using them or considering them than ever before. We’re the outsourced solution that brings you premium travel incentives to motivate and inspire your employees to be the best they can be, so you can reach your organizational goals.  Contact us to motivate with Incentive Travel Group.

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