Creativity in incentive travel planning can make a world of difference.  Leadership that thinks outside the box is on the right track to finding the right ways to reward employees. Following are a few travel incentive ideas to reward employees to stoke your creativity toward building travel incentives that inspire your employees.  Why not reward them with travel incentives that reach beyond the ordinary?

Industry-related incentives.

Even the production of widgets can be fascinating when tied to the right travel incentive.  But what about ideas that get your employees more fired up than you’d ever thought possible because they’re directly related to your company’s business? Even service-based companies can find the right angle with this approach.  Accounting and money-management firms have at their disposal numerous traditional and emerging players in their sector that offer historical perspective, practical information and inspiration. From London to Shanghai, the world of international finance is rife with possibilities for travel incentives that give employees a first-hand look at the business at its highest level. Clothing manufacturers can take advantage of the numerous Fashion Weeks which occur in global centers on a seasonal basis.  Imagine taking your employees to Milan to experience the runways and ateliers of this fabled Italian capital of clothing design? The only limitation is your imagination.  Let it out to play and watch your employees respond with over-and-above performance.

Outside the box.

Sometimes it pays to take a walk on the wild side.  Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas is the perfect way to reward over-achieving millennials with something completely out of the ordinary. In addition to the wonders of Sin City, Punk Rock Bowling is an annual event which has a Big Lebowski edge that can’t be denied.  Never mind that Las Vegas is also home to numerous conference facilities and attractions to keep your team happy and engaged. Punk Rock Bowling is now a phenomenon that has spread to Asbury Park, NJ.  You know your budding geniuses will want to slap on their bowling shoes and pogo to excellence with an incentive like this! Offbeat incentives are out there,  waiting for you to inspire your young up and comers.  Why not create something expressly targeted to them and their (kooky) interests?

Tradition meets party.

Carnival and Mardi Gras traditions are a global phenomenon.  From Rio de Janeiro to New Orleans, the tradition of Carnival presents a unique opportunity for a travel incentive your employees will never forget. In addition, most of the global Carnival and Mardi Gras centers are home to impressive convention centers for the purposes of creating value-added educational and networking opportunities for key players. When you’re planning travel incentives, originality that speaks to the personalities of targeted employees wins you points.  It tells employees you’re hoping to motivate and reward that you know them, care about their interests and want to give them something more interesting than a junket. These travel incentive ideas to reward employees are just the tip of the iceberg.  Discover a world of stellar ideas at Incentive Travel Group.

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