As competition in the business scene continues to rise, companies are increasingly realizing just how important it is to invest in their human resources to stand out in a tough market. Whether you’re a small start-up or an established corporation, one thing remains the same: Your ability to attract, retain and develop people will have the strongest impact on your business results. That’s why companies are pulling all the stops to get the best people to be part of their team.

Since it is a seller’s job market, it is thus crucial that your human resources management program is designed to make sure that your top talent remains loyal to your company, despite being exposed to other opportunities being offered by rival companies. One way to do this is through the effective use of an incentive program. The most successful companies today are prepared to invest in corporate and incentive tour travel, to inspire and motivate employees toward better performance and continued company loyalty.

But a mere free trip to a popular destination is not enough. Each trip has to be designed and planned well so it’s aligned with the needs and goals of your business. Far from being generic company out-of-town excursions, today’s corporate and incentive trips have become more customized and results-oriented. Some of the current incentive travel trends worth considering include the following:

Personalized Itinerary. In the past, company trips offered onerigid program that everyone had to follow. Not anymore. Travel incentive companies have now come up with travel programs that offer experiences which give personal meaning to each attendee. The key is developing an itinerary that takes into consideration the interests and journey of each individual and structuring the trip to cater to these specific factors without losing the team building aspect and without going over the budget.

Taking Advantage of Tech. Incentive travel has become more organized, efficient and convenient with the use of mobile apps. These apps can be used for a number of ways – from attendee registration to dissemination of important information such as schedules, maps and agendas.

A Focus on Social Relevance. Corporate social responsibility is a big priority for many of today’s generation of businesses. And for their leaders, an incentive trip is a great platform for doing some activities that can be connected with their CSR advocacies. For instance, a nature trip can be integrated with a cleanup drive, or a visit to aneco-friendly farm. Integrating CSR with corporate travel can make the experience even more meaningful and memorable.a

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