Incentive travel is becoming a value-added way to boost employee engagement and retention, while improving productivity and profitability.  More companies are coming to the party every day, as incentive travel programs prove their worth, wherever they’re deployed.

Having an incentive travel program in place represents a profound shift in corporate culture, especially when everyone’s brought to the incentive party, feeling valued, rewarded and motivated to perform.

Let’s review the top reasons organizations are utilizing incentive travel programs.  While numerous company surveys have revealed the benefits of incentive travels programs, the most recent (by Incentive Travel Industry Index) reveals that 98% of companies surveyed agreed that these benefits are reliable when leveraging key incentives.

Profits and Sales Are Increased

Increased employee engagement adds up to increased profits and sales.  Happy customers aren’t going anywhere and when employees are fulfilled, motivated and inspired, your customers are going to be happy.

The strong correlation between employee satisfaction and customer response is undeniable.


Engaged employees reach beyond what’s expected.  That reach corresponds to enhanced productivity that buoys up the bottom line and keeps employees on board, doing great work.

Engagement and Morale

There’s the “E-word” again.  It’s an important word in an employee’s market offering limitless mobility – especially for top performers.  Keeping your staff engaged and raising morale is key to retaining your best people and benefiting from their stellar efforts.  Incentive travel programs achieve that.

Inspiring Loyalty

Loyalty is thin on the ground when opportunity is in the air.  When you deploy incentive travel programs, your employees feel appreciated and there’s nothing quite as powerful as appreciation to inspire loyalty.

Loyalty is the basis for retention.  We should remember here that higher rates of retention mean fewer resources expended on costly turnover.

Stronger Teams

Incentive travel programs are also ground zero for creating stronger teams, especially at the departmental level.  When these programs are well-crafted and executed, relationships between all employees are improved.  That’s especially true of management-employee relationships.

An Excellent Recruitment Tool

Today’s highly mobile employees can pick and choose in this market.  They want benefits, perks and above all, work which allows them to travel.  When you have an incentive travel program in place, job-seekers take notice.

Knowing that your company culture encompasses reward for a job well done is an indicator of the quality of your leadership.  This factor speaks of thoughtful leaders who understand what it takes to bring the kind of superstars you need to stay ahead of the pack in a competitive market.

Incentive Travel Group

With 20 years of incentive travel program design, programming, execution and logistical excellence, we can honestly say that the ITG team believes in the power of incentive travel programs.

We become an extension of your human resources, working with you as an outsourced solution.  We bring focused experience and expertise to your incentive travel program.  That includes market and vendor knowledge that spans the globe.

Ready to light your people on fire with an incentive travel program that works?  Contact the ITG team.  Light it up!

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