Incentive travel is good for business. It has the potential to boost better performance from your employees by 22 percent, according to a SITE study. It can increase profits as clients gain more satisfaction with how your business does quality work. And it can motivate your most talented employees to develop a bond and loyalty to the brand, giving your business greater strength in its industry.

But all of the benefits your business can gain from incentive travel are dependent on the planning and execution of your program. While you could decide to do this on your own, hiring an incentive travel solutions provider might deliver better results.

Here are five other reasons why you need to work with one today.

1. Your existing incentive travel program has not been well received.

A free trip is not enough to motivate some employees. If they think they’ll be tied down to a rigid schedule at a destination that is not ideal, your program will fail to entice participation.

By hiring incentive travel experts, you can discover exactly why your program is not getting the kind of engagement you need to boost performance and productivity.

2. Your incentive travel program is becoming more expensive.

You might think that an expensive destination coupled with costly activities will entice better performance from employees. But your incentive travel program can offer modest rewards while still gaining engagement. Incentive travel agencies know how you can reel in the spending without sacrificing the experiences guaranteed by your program.

3. You need access to exclusive discounts.

Incentive travel agencies can help your organization save money on the program because they can access unpublished rates and exclusive discounts.

4. You have run out of ideas on destinations and activities.

It is exhausting to come up with ideal destinations and develop an itinerary that is going to work for all participants. You’ve simply run out of ideas and have no energy left. With an incentive travel group developing your program, you never have to stress over which places to go to and what everyone should do on the trip.

5. You have no time to customize an incentive trip for every team of qualified employees.

Your high-performing sales agents might want the luxury resorts, health and wellness type of trip while your most talented mid-level executives might prefer adventure travel with room for less adventurous endeavors, like golf.

You don’t have the time to create customized travel plans because you still have to run your company. Let an incentive travel group take care of all the details and watch your employee engagement and success grow with each trip.

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