Eilean Donan Castle, Loch Duich, Western Highlands, ScotlandA pat on the back. A salary raise. A significant promotion. Recognizing the quality work that your high-performing employees do can become a crucial element in improving your business. When your best workers are recognized and rewarded well, you retain their loyalty and, even better, encourage other workers to emulate the same sort of work ethic.   But in addition to a verbal praise, increased pay, and a better position in the company, you can incorporate incentive travel as part of your employee recognition program. Here are five incentive travel solutions you can apply for successful recognition of your employees.   1. Know your target audience. Before you can develop an incentive travel plan, you need to be aware whom you’re designing it for: Is it for adventure-type seekers or is it more for employees who need relaxation? The needs and wants of your target audience will allow you to come up with a tailor-fit program so your investments do not go to waste.   In some companies, the incentive travel plan also includes loyal clients. After all, the program is meant to convey deep appreciation, and showing such appreciation to loyal customers would go a long way toward gaining more business.   2. Deliver a unique and compelling experience. The travel experience dictates how well your employees (or clients) respond. If the experience and the destination are not appealing and fantastic, your incentive travel plan might fail to encourage improved performance (or discourage further participation).   So when formulating your incentive travel plan, guarantee engagement by offering fun and sunny destinations, relaxing schedules for unexpected leisure activities, and providing meaningful endeavors.   3.Ensure a smooth and organized implementation. Every good plan will fail without the right execution. Traveling can already get pretty complicated, what with security measurers in airports. Traveling with a group of high-performing middle management or VIP clients can get even more complex.   Your goal should be to minimize incidences of stress and to make sure that each stage of the itinerary is implemented well. You can achieve this by getting professional incentive travel organizers.   4.Create a fair qualification guideline. Provide a fair and transparent qualification guideline for your incentive travel program and you will prevent any issues with other employees. Make sure the evaluations for performance are accurate, and that qualifications for making it into the program are attainable. Rewarding only, for example, the top 5 percent earners in your organization could discourage other sales employees from doing better at their jobs.   5. Don’t keep it a secret. Finally, make sure everyone is aware that a travel incentive program actually exists in your company. This will ensure wider and more constant participation.

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