Travel coordinators do a lot of heavy logistics lifting.  Employees in this role get your key people where they need to go, organizing meetings for them once they get there.  Then there are accommodations, expense statements, budgeting and managing the critical path, if it’s a corporate retreat or conference.  This multi-faceted function has a plate so full, capacity is stretched to the limit. Incentive Travel Group is an outsourced solution that stands in the gap and extends your reach.  When your business needs professionally designed travel incentives, ITG provides a specialized answer to that need.  Your travel coordinator needs support.  Put your incentive travel on our plate and we’ll deliver premium incentives that inspire your employees.

The incentive travel company leader.         

Incentive travel is a powerful tool to nurture employee motivation.  74% of US businesses use incentive travel companies to design, plan and implement incentive travel as a performance booster for that reason.  They know that outsourcing this important motivational tool to professionals like us builds a better mousetrap. But there’s a difference between ITG and other incentive travel companies.  Incentive Travel Group offers our clients program design, coordination and execution that’s derived from leadership vision and in house knowledge. We may be an external supplier, but we perform like an extension of your own team.  Incentive Travel Group delivers custom incentive travel programs designed to inspire excellence and transform corporate culture.  Our pro-active planning process starts with our team of professional program designers and logistics experts. Our Team is your organization’s specialized source for an incentive travel designed to inspire, motivate and help you retain key talent.  Sensitive to the needs of your company, we’re focused on building incentives programming around employee interests. Whether they’re interested in a tropical idyll, or looking for intense networking experiences, ITG’s professionals can make it happen.  From your first call, you’ll sense the difference ITG’s commitment to travel incentive excellence makes. There may be other outfits like our entering the market to satisfy demand, but Incentive Travel Group is the incentive travel company with the knowledge and expertise how to create the right fit.

Making leaders, with ITG.

Excellence is your goal. That starts with talent.  Inspiration and motivation are the stuff of which leaders are made.  At ITG, your goals matter to us.  They’re our motivation for attention to detail that allows us to deliver premium, custom incentive travel. Incentive travel that supports your organizational quest for excellence serves to develop and retain staff you can’t afford to lose to competitors.  By transforming your culture with incentives that speak to your employees, we help you create an environment that nurtures and grows your best and brightest.

The ITG solution.

The ITG solution stands and head and shoulders above the pack as the leading incentive travel company in the market.  Tell us about your goals for incentive travel and how we can exceed the expectations of your employees. Let’s talk about taking incentive travel off your travel coordinator’s plate and extending your reach.

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