While the daily routine is a necessary evil, it can kill motivation and inspiration. When people have been at their jobs for awhile, they can become de-motivated.  There’s little to distinguish one day from the next and that can really put a damper on performance.  When employees are sluggish, procrastinating on deliverables and spending more time visiting with co-workers than doing their jobs, the time may have come to organize an off-site meeting.

Switching it up.

Getting your people out of their daily environment has an almost instantaneous freshening effect.  When the promise of a meeting in remote location is raised, the excitement is almost palpable.  If your employees have never had the opportunity to experience each other outside the office, part of the brilliance of group travel for meetings is giving them that opportunity. At the end of a work-a-day meeting, generate excitement by telling your staff that the next meeting is going to be in Cancun, or New York City.  Describe your plan to reinvigorate their commitment by getting them out of their cubicles.  Tell them you’re going to strengthen their team cohesion by whisking them off to a meeting with colleagues at a branch office for a company summit. Eyes all over the conference room will light up.

Getting to know you.

Travel is a great way to find out who people really are.  A first trip with a friend or life partner can render interesting information about temperament and personality.  In the case of group travel for meetings, you can glean important intel about your employees and their group dynamics by observing them in the context of a remote meeting. How do your employees respond to flight delays, or a snoring fellow traveler on the plane?  Do they support one another when things go sideways (things like lost luggage)?  The brilliance of group travel for meetings extends to the interactions you observe between your employees and their quality. You may see the makings of a team realignment, emerging leadership, or tension between colleagues.  These are clues about how you can make your team more effective and integrated.

Meeting plus.

Your chosen destination is a signal to your employees.  It tells them something about how much you value them and about what kind of meeting it’s going to be.  For group travel for meetings to elicit the response you’re projecting from employees, it’s clear you’ll need the meeting to offer added value. Holding your meeting in Las Vegas may mean zip lining on Fremont Street.  Taking your group to New Orleans could include a crawfish boil.  The obvious benefits of a tropical resort to excite and inspire your employees are sun and sand. The brilliance of group travel for meetings is in its thematic flexibility.  Combining business with pleasure and a memorable experience with team-building creates the right conditions for valuable time spent with your people. Contact Incentive Travel Group to discover premium travel incentives to inspire your key players.  We bring leadership in the sector that grows your business.

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