The world is an increasingly turbulent place, so sometimes, taking events to faraway places can seem an ill-advised option.  Civil unrest and unstable weather patterns are found everywhere, it seems.

But SITE reports that the word most often used by employees with respect to incentive travel to faraway places was “optimism”.

Incentive travel is now seen as a “highly effective” according to the SITE Index Report, by over 70% of buyers.  That’s compared to just over half responding to the same survey in 2016.

Further, the chosen destination and its desirability is the first thing most incentive program managers look at when considering it for an incentive trip.  Despite that, only about 10% of incentive buyers choose remote locations when booking trips.

Change the Scenery.  Change the Game.

Taking events to faraway places give your people an opportunity to clear their minds, making space for fresh, new ideas.

When the scenery changes, people tend to relax and open up to others.  That builds teams and incites inspiration.  That means your incentive event is already bearing fruit, right onsite.

Whether the event is specific to team building, a conference, a sales or shareholder meeting, or an incentive won the hard way, taking it out into the world far from our shores helps your team shift down and focus on what matters.

Events Done Right

Whether floating down the Danube on a river cruise or working in small groups adjacent a raging fire in a ski lodge, taking events to faraway places puts everyone in the same boat. They’re together in a new, unknown place.  Shared experience draws people together in ways that create surprising synergies.

This triggers a new way of seeing one’s co-workers.  People bond on a personal level, re-discovering the basis for their working relationships.

Events done right happen far from the everyday, in a destination that allows people to be themselves fully.

Let an Expert Assess the Destination

Incentive program managers who are skittish about taking the team someplace new have a friend in Incentive Travel Group.

We’re here to take the details off your plate and one of those details is destination assessment.  We’ll let you know in short order if you should be looking elsewhere.  We take the fear out of traveling to faraway places because we’ve been in the business of creating winning incentives for more than 20 years.

Your busy office needs the support of trusted incentive professionals who make taking events to faraway places easy and worry-free.

We also make those events seamless logistical triumphs with superior planning and execution.  And our relationships with vendors all over the world opens the door to savings you’d never believe possible.

Just Go – with ITG

From creating the ideal incentive program to improve sales, morale, motivation and the bottom line to booking your room blocks in great hotels, ITG is your source for taking events to faraway places and making them work to your objectives.

If faraway places are calling your name in vain, it’s time to ask ITG to mediate the call.  Contact us.

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