There’s no question that incentive travel rewards work.  That’s why more companies are deploying them every day.

But the key to maximizing ROI and the productivity that drives it is strategy.

Let’s look at strategic incentive travel rewards and how they boost the value of your incentives program.

Winners Up Front

What is employee recognition if the winner isn’t lavishly recognized in a public way - not half as effective, that’s what!

Public recognition of travel rewards winners gets the wheels turning in other employees’ heads, motivating and inspiring them.

Don’t spare the horses!  Promote the lucky winners in your employee newsletter and on your intranet.  And what could be a better excuse for a celebratory gathering?  Take videos and photos and share them to your company social media channels.

Happy, duly recognized employees are productive employees and flag bearers for a healthy company culture.

The Voices of Winners

Year end is the perfect time to evaluate your incentives program and the travel rewards it offers.  Fine tune it for the coming year with the voices of the last 4 quarters’ winners.

Ask them how their incentive inspired them to reach higher and what might enhance that effort.  This informs crafting an even better program. 

How were behaviors changed?  What might make that behavior even more productive in future?  These are questions best answered at the source.

Experience the Experience

Travel is all about excitement and change.  But most importantly, it’s about having an experience.

Ask your winners about their experiences.  Was the service delightful?  Was the food outstanding? Did they have ample opportunity to engage with onsite company leaders? 

Gauging the experience fills in the blanks about how the incentive rolls out and performs on a personal and professional level.

Beyond Recognition

Rewards don’t always reflect a dollar amount.  It’s not always clear why one employee wins an incentive over another.  So, sitting your travel reward winner down and pointing out what they did to become the winner builds that employee up, professionally.

Let them know how their efforts improved the company’s outlook.  That’s where the performance rubber meets the road – motivation.

All for One

We’re willing to bet your company values include the concept that all work toward a common cause has equal value.

So, resist the temptation to stratify your workplace by overlooking support workers in favor of the sales force and high-profile performers.

Without a strong support system, there’s no foundation to perform from.  Reward support people, too and be transparently true to your values.

And that brings us to our final strategy – culture-driven programming.

Cultural Cohesion

Incentive travel rewards should highlight the real advantages to your company culture adhering to recognizing your people.

They’re part of a larger mission and their work has made them an important part of it.  They’re the reason you’re in business and your culture expressly recognizes this.

A culture-driven incentive travel rewards program is already well-crafted.

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