There’s no more potent way to cement customer loyalty than with a memorable gift and nothing is more memorable than an experience. Today’s travel market is increasingly influenced by the desire of most people to enjoy an experience they’ve dreamed of having.  It’s not hard to figure out.  If you scratch your customers in the right place, you’ll find the human longing to live a singular moment. So, this post is about stellar experiential giveaway ideas and how they can be the gateway to stronger, more enduring links with your customers.

A Staycation

At some point, most of us wonder what it might be like to be a tourist in our own town.  There’s that luxurious new boutique hotel downtown we’d love to spend a couple of nights in, especially if there’s a spa or an indoor pool involved. Combining a stay at a 5-star property, coupled with tickets to a show, the symphony or a local attraction your customer has always wanted to visit might, be just what the doctor ordered. A lavish staycation takes you away without taking you anywhere, giving a fresh perspective of the place you call home.


For those times you really want to make a splash with customers, you can’t go wrong when you choose the right cruise. There are so many to choose from, these days, so there’s something for everyone on the high seas.   And with modern cruise ships resembling floating cities, with amenities that never end and state rooms boasting their own, private balconies, you can provide a mind-blowing experience. Where you send them depends on the customer you’re making a splash with.  The Caribbean has universal appeal, but your customer may have always wanted to visit Alaska.  The sky’s the limit, with cruising. Go big, go small.  Short hop or long haul.  Just tailor it to your customer’s desires and watch your relationship grow.

Resorts – Glamorous Getaways

Is there anything more glamorous than jetting off to a stay at a top-rated all-inclusive resort in a desirable destination? All-inclusives offer flexibility and choice your customers will appreciate.  Whether they’re ready to kick back by the pool with a good read or retire to the spa for a sublime massage, choosing a spa with the right amenities for the customer is key. Customers may envision exploring the area around the resort, combining experiential discovery with a deluxe experience of total pampering and relaxation.  It all depends on your knowledge of your customers and how carefully you select your all-inclusive resort.

Incentive Travel Group

If you’re ready to put some of these stellar experiential giveaway ideas in to practice and create stronger customer relations, you’re ready for the pros at ITG. For more than 2 decades, we’ve been in the business of creating unforgettable incentives for your employees and customers.  We know that travel incentives work and so does American business with almost 80% of companies using them to motivate employees and cement key bonds with their clientele. Ready to wreathe your customers in smiles?  Contact us.

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