event-flooring-05Most companies strive to maintain a dynamic and inspiring environment for everyone within its ranks. The workplace is constantly buzzing with activity — presentations, deadlines, paperwork, brainstorming sessions, and coordinating with different departments are just a few of the things that make up workers' daily routines. Knowing that their employers are making an effort to cultivate teamwork and positive support — and taking the time to express appreciation for a job well done — goes a long way in motivating employees to continue demonstrating their best effort with every task and continually aiming to reach higher goals.   One of the best ways for companies to keep their employees' spirits (and therefore, their performance) up is to ensure that company events and programs are of exceptional quality — well-planned, effective in meeting their objectives, and most importantly, enjoyable and memorable for all involved. And while an in-house corporate planner can take charge of setting these up, companies looking to take their events up a notch can opt to hire dedicated incentive travel planners — people who are in the business of planning, managing and executing meetings, company events, and incentive rewards programs that are sure to boost employee morale and workplace participation.   Here are the events that these planning professionals can take care of for your business:   Meetings and seminars There's no rule that says meetings should only (and always) be held in stuffy conference rooms with slide projectors, stale coffee, and squeaky office chairs. Why not take your team meeting to a beautiful location outside of the city, or invite clients and business partners to a seminar in a distinguished venue? Event planners can customize the event and make the necessary group travel arrangements so you won't have to worry about the details.   Team building events and employee retreats Instead of just taking your employees out to lunch or to a retreat in the same venue you've been visiting for several years now, why not plan an exciting trip to a place that promises new sights, new experiences, and a better environment for teambuilding activities? Your planners conduct site research, coordinate with vendors, devise a clear program, negotiate contracts, arrange for housing, and even handle the logistics onsite, on the day of the event itself.   Sales/employee incentive, loyalty and reward programs Forget about awarding gift certificates, novelty items, and other generic prizes as a token of appreciation for your employees. Present rewards and offer incentives that they'll really work for — recreational getaways, sporting events, hotel stays, and travel opportunities to sought-after destinations are sure to keep all employees inspired to perform well and contribute to the company's objectives. Incentive travel planners handle all the details and help you create programs that meet your goals, visions, and budget.

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