Anyone who has ever been part of an organization or an employee in a company of any size will know that receiving recognition for a job well done can do much to boost morale and motivation for future projects.

It's not hard to see why—when you put significant effort into your individual tasks, go the extra mile to communicate and work with team members, and observe careful dedication and high quality in your performance, being singled out by your team leaders or managers for your good work reinforces your commitment to being a valued member of the organization, and fuels your desire to make a greater contribution toward the company's goals for growth.

A reward that's totally worth it

Recognition for top performers can be provided in a variety of forms. You may have received some of them before: branded company merchandise (like coffee mugs, pens, shirts and desk sets, for example); gift certificates to coffee shops, restaurants, or retail stores, or free tickets to concerts, sporting events and other shows.

While employees will be happy to receive these as their employers' token of appreciation for their efforts, bigger rewards are also sure to be warmly welcomed—and in addition, they can provide so much more benefits that can work to the organization's advantage.

These bigger rewards pertain to travel opportunities—solo or group incentive travel programs that take deserving team members to destinations across the city or country, or even abroad.

What can these travel incentive programs do for the people and business involved? Here's a peek at three of the most notable benefits to be had:

  1. They boost individual employee and team motivation, performance and retention.

Aside from recognition, as mentioned earlier, travel incentives can provide top performers with networking opportunities as they are brought together to build relationships, collaborate with each other and with management to develop best practices within the company, and help motivate the rest of their colleagues to strive for excellence.

  1. They improve company cultures, business results, and organizational culture.

Incentive programs demonstrate the company's commitment to investing and building trust in their workforce. They can develop a culture of positive reinforcement, encouragement and results-driven performance. Top talents can be effectively retained thanks to highly attractive incentive offerings. People will know that there is a constructive and appreciative work environment within. And businesses also reap great returns on their investment.

  1. They contribute to the growth and development of the destinations that receive incentive travel participants.

Companies often partner with incentive program planning specialists to develop their programs. These specialists, in turn, build their own network of suppliers and venues that they can tap for their services across the globe. Incentive travel programs bring in healthy business for cities and countries frequented by organizations, which can have a significant impact on the location's economy.

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