If you’re as big a fan of TED Talks as we are, you’ll find much to love about this post.  Here, we’ll share with you seven TED Talks every HR pro should binge.

This list is a cornucopia of useful information and timely inspiration you’ll be glad you read!

#1 Conflict resolution – Finding Confidence in Conflict

Kwame Christian is director the American Negotiation Institution.  In this TED Talk, he discusses the impact of conflict on our lives and the psychological forces driving it.  He then offers some professional solutions for arriving at resolution.

#2 Become a more effective communicator – How to Speak so People will Want to Listen

Sound and communications expert Julian Treasure shares the power of persuasion and how we tend to waste it, when we speak.  Outlining the “7 Deadly Sins of Speaking”, Treasure discusses managing inflection as a means of enhancing communication.

#3 Become a better listener – Five Ways to Listen Better

This talk again features Julian Treasure, who argues here for conscious listening, framing it as one of the most undervalued communication skills.  And even if you think you’ve heard it all before, you’ll find inspiration here.

#4 Improve corporate culture – How to Start Changing an Unhealthy Work Environment

Psychotherapist Glenn Rolfson explains in this TedXOslo Talk how to change a work environment that’s become toxic, analyzing the corrosive ingredients of an unhappy workplace.  To conclude, he offers several techniques for orchestrating collaboration and higher morale.

#5 Better hires – Why the Perfect Hire Might Not Have the Best Resume

Being rigid about checking off bullet points in the hiring process can work against you and in this talk, HR professional Regina Hartley cautions that relevant job experience isn’t always the most important factor in hiring.  In fact, focusing on this requirement can cost you great candidates.  Instead, she suggests here that “grit” may be a better gauge of who the right person for the role is.

#6 Better interviews – How to Ask Better Questions

CEO of the Regis Company, Mike Vaughan, talks about asking the type of questions that get meaningful responses from candidates.  These questions are designed to tell you as much about the candidate as they do about the subject being addressed.

#7 Seeing through lies – How to Spot a Liar

Everyone trades in bending the truth occasionally.  But in the hiring process, seeing through lies is a necessary skill.  Pamela Meyer shares techniques for recognizing untruths in this talk.  And while perhaps not bulletproof, her insights go a long way toward weeding out the pretenders.

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