Excelling at work is what we all desire.  But sometimes, we need a little push.  That’s what employee incentives are all about.  At PPS Meetings, we specialize in sales incentive travel that inspires.  Your employees will walk in the door every morning ready to rock the day with excellence.  Our sales incentive travel programs are designed to get your workforce fired up and ready to go. If you’re looking for the right spark to light the sales incentive travel fire under your team, Peak has the match.  And we’re ready to strike it.  Says client Peter Segall, CEO of HealthcareSource: “Peak’s proactive, detail-oriented approach really paid off. I was continuously impressed with their responsiveness.” Our Peak Pros™ are there every step of the way, planning sales incentive travel your employees will never forget.  They’ll be talking about their unique experience until the next time you work with us to create the ideal sales incentive travel plan.

Proactive. Detail-oriented.

Peak Performance knows your sales people need strong incentives to deliver their best performance.  That’s why our approach is proactive and detail-oriented.  We examine your group’s dreams and bring them to vivid life. If your team is dreaming of a sales incentive travel reward that transports them to a distant white sand beach, we can do it.  Our team of planners can take them where ever they’re dreaming of going, from the ski slopes of Whistler, BC, to the beaches of Aruba.  We’ll find out what fires them up, then we’ll plan, organize and execute it. When you’re able to provide your hard working employees with the type of sales incentive travel Peak’s expertise is capable of, your business’s competitive edge becomes sharper than ever.  Happy employees are high-performing employees.  ‘ When your team is presented with sales incentive travel that inspires and motivates them, the results speak louder than words.  We’ve got the match to spark the fire that gets your team burning to make the sales your operation needs to succeed.

The PPS edge.

At PPS Meetings, we tailor each sales incentive travel plan to your corporate culture and the dreams of your employees.  From custom excursions to specialized employee retreats in the tropics, we have the sales incentive travel that inspires excellence.  Competition for well-planned incentives gives your business motivational support that moves it forward by pushing your team to greater heights of achievement. From your first call, the PPS edge will be obvious.  We’re sales incentive travel experts and professionals and it shows in every detail of our travel planning and execution.

Let’s strike that match.

Let’s strike that match and get the motivational fire started.  Call us to light the fire in the belly your employees need to be at their very best.  Our Peak Pros™ are standing by to fill you in on PPS’s sales incentive travel brilliance.  With PPS, watch your sales soar with a team of inspired employees who bounce in the door, ready to take the day by the face and rock it hard.

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