Providing Sales Incentives

When you’ve got an army of sales people scattered all over the USA, organizing effective incentives can be a challenge.

Our client had exactly that problem.  This company was looking for an incentive and reward program to recognize its employees that had over-performed to goals by 20% or over, for the year.

But with more than 600 of them in locations from coast to coast, they wanted something that wasn’t going to drive them crazy with administrative needs.

Providing sales incentives in a scenario like the one described may sound a daunting task, but when you’ve got the team at Incentive Travel Group wrangling the beast for you, it’s a lot easier than you might think.

Enter ITG

At Incentive Travel Group, we know sales incentives that genuinely motivate and increase productivity and the bottom line need to be personalized to client need, so we created a bespoke program for this national client.

Every year in February, the sales team was presented with a scheme in which individual goals were set for qualification.

When the goal was reached, an all-expenses-paid incentive was offered to the selected destination (spouse or guest included).  Some of the destinations offered were bucket list worthy choices like Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and the famed Venetian hotel in Las Vegas, with Caribbean destinations in the mix.

Our client didn’t kid around setting a goal, at %120.  What people don’t understand is that setting a lofty goal is not only achievable but desirable.  With incentives like this in place, your costs will be covered with ease. 

Were every sales person to hit that goal, profits would more than cover the expense of the incentive.  Even accounting for those who don’t hit 120%, even hitting something over 100% covers costs.  Because of the incentive, most employees are motivated to exceed their previous numbers.

It’s just too good not to try a little harder!

We Make the Difference

To create winning incentives ITG does its homework, pinpointing destinations which appeal to the largest demographic sample possible.  This drives participation and performance.  When you give people the possibility of winning a trip to a place they’ve been dying to go, it’s amazing to see how high they’ll jump for the brass ring.

To make your incentives even better, we take care of details like getting advantageous pricing from accommodations vendors.  We also make all the travel arrangements, including transportation and transfers from the airport.  We go further, by adding attractive features like welcome receptions, special events and awards ceremonies which add employee recognition – a key feature of successful incentives.

Win, with ITG

At Incentive Travel Group, we’re incentives experts, designing programs that light the fires in the bellies of your employees, teasing out the greatness you know is in there.

For more than 20 years, we’ve been taking winning employees places, ensuring that every detail of their trip is supported with logistical excellence.

Providing sales incentives can seem like a tall order when you’re working with a largescale sales force. 

With ITG, you get expertise that gets you there.  Contact us.

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  • Evan Polin
    Sandler Training

    "I've been working with Bruce and his team on two projects and they've been great to work with. Bruce has helped us set up a referral/incentive program for us to roll out with our clients and strategic partners. Bruce was great to work with. He's set up a 7 tier program that allows for flexibility and he's also helped us to market the program."

  • Kevin O'Keefe
    Vice President World Wide Sales, Maginatics, Inc.

    "Beverly arranged and managed the early Envivio Sales incentive trips for us. Each of our events was an outstanding and motivating experience Our Sales team appreciated the attention to detail and to fun. Qualifying for the "trip" was a motivating factor behind many end of year sales pushes. I will use Beverly again in the future."

  • Mickey Poorman
    Laird Technologies

    "Peak Performance’s attention to detail and personal service made me feel like I had a true corporate meeting planning partner that I could rely on throughout the planning process right up until I was on site. I look forward to doing more meetings with them."

  • Marco Lopez
    C& J Energy Services, Inc

    "I have used your services two years in a row and you all have made my vacation a great one. You have the most helpful and considerate employees. Always very friendly, respectful and willing to make my travel experience a good one. Thank you and keep up the great job."

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