People have always dreamed of seeing the world.  We still do!  That’s why travel incentives are such potent motivators. But the way people want to see the world has changed, as more of us are able to get on a plane and jet off to explore parts unknown.  Today’s travelers desire experiences.  They want the one-of-a-kind thrill that can’t be replicated.  They want a sense of connection to their destination and the people who live there.  Gone are the days of all-inclusive resorts ruling the travel plans of the many.  The insulated, capsule vacation is rapidly becoming a thing of the past as people demand authenticity and adventure. Let’s look at providing sales incentives in 2019 that get your employees fired up.  By capturing their imaginations with what’s new and what’s now, you’ll be strategizing around incentives from the standpoint of what they really want.

Wellness and Health

The continuing influence of social movements which stress physical, mental and spiritual health has changed the focus of travelers.  When people travel now, they desire a component which nurtures, relaxes and edifies. Add Yoga and a healthy menu to your next group travel incentive and watch engagement skyrocket.  This is where travel is at right now and your employees want to experience it.  The world we’re living in is fast-paced.  It’s so fast-paced, in fact, that our wellbeing too often gets lost in the shuffle. Today’s travelers want to reconnect with themselves and to nurture themselves.  Spa getaways, outdoor adventure and spiritual retreats are huge right now, because of this.

Off the Beaten Path

While incentive travelers want to have fun and relax, they want to do those things in a destination that hasn’t been done to death.  While top destinations like the Caribbean, the Bahamas and Paris are still huge draws, many travelers now want the experience of visiting a less touristy place.  They desire the path less traveled. Places like Iceland are increasingly on the travel map, as well as Latin American destinations like Colombia.  Even Eastern Europe is seen as increasingly desirable.  Keep this in mind as you plan your 2019 incentive offensive!

Not About the Stuff

The rise of the Millennial workforce is concurrent with trends like downsizing and de-cluttering.  People want less stuff and Millennials want that more than anyone.  So, if your company’s been in the habit of gold watches and golf clubs, it’s time to get with the experience economy. Incentives don’t always need to be about travel, but experience is what your employees want.  That might be tickets to a major sporting event, a famous music festival like SXSW or Coachella (maybe with VIP passes) or a unique encounter with a traveling art exhibition.  Getting in your employees’ heads and finding out what they want is key to making experiential incentives work. These are just some of the major developments in incentive travel to note for 2019. Need support?  Incentive Travel Group is your outsourced incentive travel solution. With over 2 decades’ experience, we bring you excellence in programming, planning and execution. Contact us.

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