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Your business has come a long way, and the reason for that is your employees.  You’ve hired great people who work hard and deliver terrific results. Great people are your cornerstone.  You know that, and you want to provide incentives for them to reach their full potential.  You know they have a lot of it.  And you know you need to tease it out, using incentives. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you and your staff have a lot of balls in the air.  Incentive planning adds another layer of complexity to the juggling, but you know it’s something you want to do.  How do you make it happen when the capacity bubble is full to busting?

Call in the Peak Pros™.

Calling in the Peak Pros™ is like growing a prehensile tail.  Just when you thought capacity was about to blow, the Peak Pro™ incentive planners at PPS Meetings arrive, catching that additional ball before it hits the ground. Peak Pro™ incentive planners are logistics professionals.  It’s what they do.  It’s all they do.  Outsourcing to PPS Meetings means you retain the services of experts focused solely on creating employee incentives that work, that fit your corporate culture and that put flesh on the bare bones of your incentives vision.

Capacity-building made easy.                       

Without the human resources capacity to give incentives planning the attention it deserves, it can be a haphazard undertaking with notoriously mixed results.  When you leave it to the Peak Pro™ incentive planners at PPS Meetings, you can count on a product that inspires and motivates your employees to model excellence.  It’s employee excellence that builds organizational success. Capacity-building is easy when you outsource to us. Working as an extension of your organization, our Peak Pros™ are dedicated incentive planners with the creative edge and logistical skill to get it done right, the first time. No hit or miss.  No strain to your organizational capacity.

Peak Pro™ expertise.

Peak Pro™ expertise makes the magic happen.  Peak Pro™ incentive planners work with companies like your every day.  They’re incentive planning architects who bring creativity and experience to all your incentive planning needs.  At PPS Meetings, we believe in excellence, so we hire the best. Peak Pros™ connect with your organization’s corporate culture, exploring what gets your team excited and reaching toward excellence.  Then they create incentives that inspire your people to exceed your goals.

Inspirational incentives.

At PPS Meetings, modeling excellence is what we do.  Peak Pro™ incentive planners work hard to create model incentives which inspire your employees to push a little harder. Employee inspiration births excellence and excellence is the foundation of organizational success.  Our inspirational incentives keep the right people on your company bus, realizing your goals.

Peak Pro™ incentive planners are standing by.

A Peak Pro™ is standing by to take your call right now. PPS Meetings is in the business of creating and implementing inspirational employee incentives.  Our Peak Pro™ incentive planners expand your human resources capacity, allowing you to inspire your employees with leading edge incentives.  Connect with us and get ready inspire.

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  • Evan Polin
    Sandler Training

    "I've been working with Bruce and his team on two projects and they've been great to work with. Bruce has helped us set up a referral/incentive program for us to roll out with our clients and strategic partners. Bruce was great to work with. He's set up a 7 tier program that allows for flexibility and he's also helped us to market the program."

  • Kevin O'Keefe
    Vice President World Wide Sales, Maginatics, Inc.

    "Beverly arranged and managed the early Envivio Sales incentive trips for us. Each of our events was an outstanding and motivating experience Our Sales team appreciated the attention to detail and to fun. Qualifying for the "trip" was a motivating factor behind many end of year sales pushes. I will use Beverly again in the future."

  • Mickey Poorman
    Laird Technologies

    "Peak Performance’s attention to detail and personal service made me feel like I had a true corporate meeting planning partner that I could rely on throughout the planning process right up until I was on site. I look forward to doing more meetings with them."

  • Marco Lopez
    C& J Energy Services, Inc

    "I have used your services two years in a row and you all have made my vacation a great one. You have the most helpful and considerate employees. Always very friendly, respectful and willing to make my travel experience a good one. Thank you and keep up the great job."

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