Creating a balance between your dedication to your work and your time for things that improve the quality of your life (such as family, self-improvement, hobbies, and rest and recreation) has never been more important than it is today. It has always been accepted as normal for people to be absorbed in their responsibilities at work; after all, those tasks help employees meet their financial obligations, so they really do need to put in their best performance all the time to ensure a steady income flow. But because of this, they often become faced with the problem of allotting enough time and attention to things outside of the workplace, such as their families, friends, and non-work-related activities. Much as people would love to indulge in their interests and home life, their need to secure their income quite often takes precedence over more leisurely pursuits. The situation isn't ideal, but many accept the sacrifice they are making because they know that their paycheck will keep the rent paid and food on the table — and those are absolute necessities in life.   Motivating (and rewarding) workers With this in mind, business owners can take their employees' work-life balance in consideration and come up with a program that will benefit all parties involved. An incentive program, for instance, would be an excellent way to give top-performing individuals an opportunity to take a welcome break from the daily grind. Such programs have long been proven effective in inspiring teams to improve their performance and aim for excellence; as a result, the organization also performs well and is able to achieve certain goals, which is beneficial for the company as a whole.   Choosing the right reward Got your eye on out-of-town trips Incentive programs are most effective when the participants are highly interested in the offered incentive, and travel opportunities are always valued prizes. They give high-performing individuals a chance to indulge in that coveted R&R. Traveling to a beautiful destination, reveling in all kinds of comforts, and simply diving into a new experience can help reinvigorate a person, refreshing his mind and spirit and giving him an improved perspective when he returns to work. Some incentive programs will even allow for the winner's family to come along on the trip, thus helping the family gain that elusive quality time together. A seasoned incentive travel planning firm can help companies put together incentive packages that can address both the employers' and the employees' needs or wants. And thanks to the program, the employee will feel appreciated and valued for his input, and will strive to continue doing good work for the organization.

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