Incentive travel is the way more than 75% of American businesses are motivating and inspiring their employees to reach higher.  It outpaces cash, because it’s a personalized, memory-making tangible that employees light up for. Off season incentive travel should be on your radar, because it means big savings for organizations like yours.

The tropics – summer’s the time.

Every destination has its low traffic months.  For the tropics, those months are June, July, August and September.  Most of us want to get away from winter, so we head straight for peak season and the prices that go with it. But if you’re not afraid of a little heat and humidity, summer is the time to fly south to sultry locales like Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, or the Caribbean Islands.  One proviso:  those months are the shank of hurricane season, so check your Farmer’s Almanac before committing.

Springtime -  Rio to Rome.

Imagine rewarding your employees with a jaunt to Rio de Janeiro.  March is the best month to do it, and if you plan a trip for March 2019, you should know that the city’s world famous Mardi Gras takes place on March 05, that year.  That alone makes your incentive travel event worth the price of admission! Rome is a vibrant city in the middle of Italy’s renowned boot and March is a beautiful time of year to visit.  The romance of the city is highlighted by the coming of the warmer months, yet its streets aren’t yet teeming with the legions of tourists who come from all over the world to enjoy it.

Come the fall.

The autumnal season is rife with possibilities all over the map.  Vancouver Island, with its wild, sweeping beaches on the Pacific Ocean and charming Victoria, BC, is a destination that welcomes off season guests in the fall when everyone else has gone home.  Cozy up by the fire at a coastal inn and watch the roaring surf roll in. On the flip side of the globe, the South Pacific’s low season hits in November.  Just when you’re ready to get out of the cold, this exotic region becomes much more accessible, with accommodation and flights offering splendid savings.

Winter wine and history.

December is probably the most amenable month for incentive travel to wineries in any state.  The vines are dormant and, in some places, covered in snow.  But the wineries continue to welcome guests to their cozy B & Bs, hosting all manner of winter events, like dinners in the barrel room and tasting tours. History buff?  While it’s chilly, Washington, DC’s welcome mat is out for the winter months, offering visitors a huge selection of indoor activities.  With its rich history and political culture, museums and sites of interest, Washington, DC offers amazing opportunities for those planning incentive travel.

Get there with Incentive Travel Group.

Off season incentive travel should be on your radar, because it’s an opportunity to inspire your key players and keep them motivated, while holding the bottom line.  Contact us to find out more.

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