Incentive travel is one of the best motivational strategies employed by competitive companies to boost employee performance, sales, and ensure loyalty to the organization. Apart from this particular purpose, this program is also proof that they are industry leaders and can roll with the best players, especially if their travel incentives are impressively well-designed and unique.

For businesses to really set themselves apart when it comes to this provision, it’s imperative for them to find incentive travel companies that think outside of the box. Persistent creativity is a quality they must possess, and they must see trends as something to set instead of follow.

According to some of these organizations, they demonstrate this brand of competitiveness by breaking away from the expected; they focus on experiences in lieu of the sights. Yes, people want to see some of the world’s most famous landmarks, but to up the value of travel incentives, they are focusing on designing the provisions in a way that not only spawns more benefits to their clients but also provides them an experience that they can enjoy, learn from, and can say that they’re some of the few in the world to have been treated to something that will be considered as completely out of the ordinary.

The new way they study places to recommend for travel incentives takes into great consideration local festivities, transportation, weather, and timing because without these, even trips to the most exotic and magical destinations can prove to be a dud. For example, those popular day trips to Paris during the fall – most of the time, people who are looking forward to the romantic view of the Eiffel Tower get so disappointed because it’s mostly concealed by morning smog or fog. By taking into account such variables, these travel companies can ensure a fulfilling journey even if the weather doesn’t cooperate or the season fails to paint sights in their glorious state.

Some of the new experiences that incentive travel companies are including in their programs are train trips. The ride is the delight on its own and the destination is usually just the cherry on top of the ice cream. The Shinkansen and the Andean Explorer trains are perfect examples for they present delightful experiences with their first class service, comfort and other features.

In addition to train trips, marine-oriented options are more heavily included in travel programs as well. A lot of people find cruises and sea excursions relaxing yet adventurous. Overnight yacht stays are also generating a lot of interest.

Home-stays, especially in exotic destinations, are likewise experiences that a lot of people are excited to try. Now is the perfect time to include these in programs as more and more people are opening their beautiful homes to guests and giving traditional and warm service.

It’s nice that the portfolio of experiences that incentive travel companies offer is broadening because with all the new adventures, there truly is more value to the provision.

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