We don’t have to tell you that unmotivated employees can be a real problem.  A lack of motivation is like a virus.  It can run through departments and even whole companies, if it’s not addressed. Many companies have traditionally addressed challenges with employee motivation by throwing money at the problem.  But as we’re continually stressing, money is a band aid.  It’s not a cure.  You’re covering up a wound which may need much more attention than monetary triage can provide. Motivating your employees can be as simple as getting creative about incentives.  Repeatedly, travel incentives have been shown to be exceptionally effective for maintaining engagement and motivation that moves your enterprise forward. Let’s look at some great ways to keep the fire in the bellies of your employees lit.

Get inside their heads.

When you get travel incentives ideas, they need to be deployed strategically.  That means creating a framework from which to deploy them.  What’s that based on? It’s based on the dreams of your employees.  The fabled “bucket list” is the cornerstone of any travel incentive program worth its salt.  Any quality travel incentive provider is going to tell you that. Getting inside your employees’ heads to find out where they’re dreaming of going is one of the most important things you can do, when setting up an incentives program.  Their bucket lists may include everything from swimming in a tide pool in Costa Rica, to climbing Mt. Everest.  In between, you’ll find workable keys to effective travel solutions to keep them fired up.

Starting small.

Building your travel incentive program to motivate employees is a project which takes time and careful forethought.  You needn’t jump immediately to the all-expenses-paid team retreat.  Instead, build your program and build employee interest at the same time. Incentives like spa days, golf outings, hikes in well-known locations, or even a casino weekend with an overnight stay are creative ways to get your employees sitting up and taking notice.  Education is a key part of a successful incentive program, so rolling it out bit by bit, serves that educational effort. Even a coveted seat at a sporting event can ring the right bells, where employee motivation is concerned.  Competing for company season tickets to important events is sure to get the juices flowing.

Creativity = motivation.

“Motivating your employees?  Get travel incentive ideas”, has been written to point you at a corporate practice that’s winning greater employee motivation and increased retention rates for savvy employers.  They know that travel incentives, when deployed creatively and with the right monetary ballast, create the conditions your company needs to succeed. If you’re thinking that creativity isn’t your strong suit and you’re looking for outsourced support with 20 years in the travel incentives business, call on Incentive Travel Group.  We create quality incentive programs that light the fire in employee bellies and keep them lit with creative motivational solutions. Because we’re outsourced, your human resources are freed to do what they do best – grow your business.   Contact us to find out more.

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