The world, as big as it is, seems to be shrinking.  As people crisscross the globe in search of travel experiences, or on business, the model of a global village seems less far-fetched than ever. And corporate travel needs have been increasing since the beginning of the millennium.  More and more often corporations are thinking on a global scale, necessitating the movement of key people to distant destinations. I’m writing this post as guest of the blog, because I used to be a corporate travel coordinator.  I worked for a dotcom and later, for an international consulting firm.  Both these experiences demonstrated to me, in no uncertain terms, why many businesses are looking for a good corporate travel provider.

My experience.

When I first took on the role of corporate travel coordinator, it was a bit of an accident.  Administrative personnel in my company were being increasingly challenged to keep up, as key staff seemed to travel more extensively every day. Enter the corporate travel coordinator. Working for a busy online trading platform, I was consistently called on to make travel arrangements, change them, change them again and then, to keep track of on-the-road needs and expense reporting. It was a challenge. I later took a position at a consulting firm which held frequent conferences in major cities across the globe.  While I had other duties, it was this aspect of the job which was most likely to crowd my days (and sometimes my nights).  Again – a challenge. With a large international staff, the job simply became too large for one person.  Even though I gave it my all, my other duties suffered.  That’s when my company brought in a corporate travel expert.

Outsourced support.

With corporate travel off my plate, I could focus on other pressing organizational needs and grow into another role.   The consultancy I worked for sought out an outsourced solution, capable of not only coordinating our “troop” movements, but also, administering an incentive program we’d been wanting to put into place for ages. Why hadn’t we until then?  We just didn’t have the human resources (or the experience) to devote to such a complex undertaking.  We knew it was better left to an outsourced solution with the right kind of expertise and experience. My company chose Incentive Travel Group, which is why I’m guest blogging about this subject.  If you’re looking for a good corporate travel trip provider, you’ve found what you’re looking for in ITG.

Your 360° corporate travel solution.

With more than 2 decades under their belts, ITG is the smart solution to corporate travel.  They not only send your people where they need to go, they do so with logistical excellence and vendor knowledge that sets them apart. Now that I’ve been relieved of corporate travel, I’m doing what I’m best at and loving every minute of it.  With ITG working as an extension of my company’s human resources, we have a 360° travel coordination and incentive travel resource that never fails.  Contact them to find out more.

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