Using travel as incentive or reward is nothing new. It’s a trusted and proven solution that works for all types of businesses, whether the venture is big, small, new or long established. Numerous studies have shown that the right talent incentive program, guided by an effective talent management strategy, can significantly improve the motivation, loyalty and work of an already high-performing employee.

Through the years, this business practice has been modified, tweaked, adjusted and adapted according to the needs of companies and the demands of the business environment. Today, not only big companies can afford to offer travel rewards to their workers. An average company can host trips to deluxe destinations, or even overseas, thanks to customized solutions from corporate incentive specialists.

But international incentives can be more than just a way of managing behavior and feedback between employee and employer. Smart organizations know that it can also deliver strong, positive and long-term advantages directly to the business itself. By exposing your employees to international travel and different cultures, your business can gain the following benefits.

Global readiness. International travel can widen the perspective and heighten the cultural literacy of an individual. When you have employees with a global mindset, they can be an asset to your business since they can deal more confidently with both local and foreign customers, clients, investors and business partners, and they can more easily relate to international current events that may impact your business.

Flexible, adaptable, pro-active mindset. When people go overseas, they venture out of their comfort zones, whether they’ll be traveling someplace new or gaining new experiences and memories in a destination they have visited before. Exposing employees to international travel via your incentives program opens them up to the possibility of the unfamiliar, to new opportunities and new challenges. Companies with people who are not afraid of thinking out of the box stand out from the competition.

Solid team dynamics. Group travel bonds people together. That’s why corporate travel is one of the most popular team building activities today. When you send your team to an overseas trip, you hit two goals with one effort. You get to reward or incentivize them, and at the same time, you are creating the perfect set-up for them to create a stronger team. Your organization will definitely reap the rewards of that bonding time once your top performers get back from the trip and impact the workflow with their stronger team spirit.

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