Incentive travel is today’s leader in the realm of employee motivation.  In recent years, it’s been proven much more effective than cash for inspiring workplace teams and keeping them engaged.  With 74% of US businesses using a custom incentive travel program as a performance booster, there are plenty of suppliers around to choose from. But we’re the right choice. PPS offers our clients the quality of custom incentive travel program one might expect from an in-house expert.  While we’re an external supplier, but we don’t perform that way.  PPS delivers a custom incentive travel program specifically crafted to inspire your employees.  Our team of Peak Pros™ is our not-so-secret weapon.  When they go to work, the result is a custom incentive travel program that inspires. Our Peak Pros™ are your company’s source for a custom incentive travel program your employees will never forget.  Sensitive to the needs of your company, Peak Pros™ are focused on your employees and their dreams. Whether they’re dreaming of an all-inclusive stay at a Mexican beach resort, or fantasizing about shushing down the slopes of Aspen, PPS’s travel pros can make it happen.  You’ll sense the difference PPS’s commitment to custom travel incentive program excellence makes from your first call.

Greatness grows, with Peak.

Greatness is the goal of every business.  That starts with inspired employees.  Inspiration and motivation are magical ingredients that can help your team grow its greatness and your company’s.  At PPS, your goals matter.  Those goals are our motivation for the fine attention to detail that allows us to deliver a premium, custom incentive travel program.  PPS brings our inspiration to your employees, cultivating the greatness you know they’re capable of. Because we love what we do and we believe in excellence, PPS is the industry leader.  Our professionals live for the details.  Details create the ultimate custom travel incentive program.  We’re great at what we do – providing you with a custom incentive travel program which supports your operational goals.

Outsourced planning.

If you’re reading this, your organization most likely has a travel coordinator in place.  But the day-to-day work in that role can be chaotic.  With executives and management personnel criss-crossing the continent, this team member is already working at capacity.  PPS Meetings provides the kind of service you rely on an in-house travel coordinator for.  Our Peak Pros™ are there for you.  They don’t perform as though they’re working for an external supplier.  You’re the client.  You’re the boss. We bring your vision to life, meticulously researching your desired custom travel incentive program and executing it with logistical precision.  When your travel coordinator is up to the eyeballs in arrangements, we’re your “go to” supplier.

Put incentive travel on our plate.

A Peak Pro™ is waiting to take your call right now.  Tell us about your custom travel incentive program vision.  Tell us how PPS Meetings can help you to motivate and inspire your team and exceed your expectations while doing it.  Put incentive travel on our plate.

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