It is often said that the success of an organization is never just because of a single person’s effort. Having a highly skilled boss is not enough in achieving the highest level of productivity;after all, he is just one person. For all of the business objectives to be met, everybody has to work seamlessly together toward those goals. Of course, there are certain people in a company that truly outperform others and they definitely merit individual recognition and reward. But if these high performing workers are able to influence a group of people and have them work in the same level of excellence, their collective effort should definitely be acknowledged because they will be instrumental in creating a higher culture and movement in the organization. One ideal way of recognizing the great work of certain groups or teams in a company is to offer incentive group travel. Not only is it a great reward, but it also works as strong motivation for them to hit business targets. Most of today’s progressive companies these days offer this type of incentive regularly because it benefits the organization in so many ways. First of all, this incentive is a fantastic way to give hardworking employees a much-needed break so they can recharge and contribute better when they return to work. The happiest and most productive people are those who are able to take their rest as seriously as they do work. Secondly, it’s an effective way of building stronger connections among team members. There’s nothing like taking them away from the workplace and allowing them to cultivate a relationship that’s beyond being co-workers. It always helps to have employees who are also friends because they have loyalty and the readiness to support each other so the best outcomes for the organization can be secured. Thirdly, it’s the perfect opportunity for all of them to get to know each in a more in-depth level,and discover each others interests outside of work, their talents, and even the way they handle daily life responsibilities. Who knows? There may be employees who are particularly fluent in foreign languages and may be the key to expanding the business in new location. These abilities are usually only discovered in the “right” situations, such as when they’re abroad for travel. Fourth is that it’s enriching. Travel is a fantastic incentive for a group because it creates an enriching experience for everybody. There’s so much to learn from being in a new place. And on top of that, if the company will use that experience to gather data for market study; a more extensive collection of information can be presented because everybody has his own perspective of the same experience. And lastly, incentive group travel is one way of securing these employees’ loyalty and satisfaction. With their efforts obviously recognized, appreciated and rewarded by the company, the likelihood that they will be easily lured away by other business organizations is lowered.  

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