Employee engagement across the world has plunged to an all-time low today, statistics show. Experts say many reasons are behind this development. One is the entry of millennial into the workforce. Today’s generation of workers have expectations from their colleagues, bosses and employment in general in a way that’s so different from the perspectives of workers just a few years ago.

Moreover, changing workplace arrangements such as remote working and flexible hours have changed the nature and behaviors at work, which may or may not negatively impact the level of engagement of your team.

In such a scenario, the establishment of an effective incentive program with the help of a reputable incentive travel house has become more important than ever. You don’t simply offer cold cash which, studies show, only work for the short term. You go for the long-term solution and offer meaningful experiences such as travel as an incentive. By offering the right incentives to increase employee engagement, your business can achieve direct benefits to the bottom line.

Once you have set up the right travel incentives program in place, you can expect the following results:

Getting your corporate travel program right allows you to ensure the money, time and energy for your incentive strategy will bring about measurable returns. Businesses should find the right balance, so they don’t end up: a) providing incentives that feel insufficient, ineffective or even insulting to employees due to lack of value; or b) over-providing incentives that may simply cause employees to feel too demotivated and entitled to perks and bonuses.

By working with a reliable travel incentives program consultant, you can ensure the program you set up is aligned with your business strategy, relevant to your employees, and appropriate to your budget. Call for an appointment with a corporate travel incentive specialist today to know more about options that will best serve the interests of both your company and your valued employees.

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