You’re a savvy employer, so you know your employees need strong motivational support to do their best work.  You know that inspiration drives your brightest and best, encouraging them to double down on productivity.  That helps move your organization forward. We’re aware of some key trends to inspire your employees in 2018.  Working from the basis these trends provide helps to demystify the appeal of incentives to your employees. They’re all individuals.  They all have different interests and dreams.  And tapping into those interests and dreams is key to finding the inspiration that lights the fire in their bellies.


Economic and lifestyle minimalism is a trend which has been growing in influence in recent years.  Consumers are rejecting the proposition that money brings happiness.  Instead of chasing higher salaries and more consumer goods, people today are choosing the less-traveled road of a life with more personal time to pursue interests other than work. The trend toward minimalism may be rooted in the economic turmoil which was triggered by the 2008 financial crisis, but contributing factors are also environmental consciousness and other social issues, including a communal questioning of a rigid, traditional work ethic. What this tells those of us who work in incentives management is that people attach less value to financial rewards and more to rewards which speak to them as people, where they stand.


Intimately tied to the minimalist movement, the experience economy acknowledges the reality that many people are now keenly interested in experiences which enhance both their lives and their understanding of the world. Instead of becoming more connected by technology, we’re becoming increasingly isolated from each other.  Many of us find our most powerful social connections in the workplace and site our experiences of community there. Incentive programs can exploit the experience economy by acknowledging the role of experience and connection in their incentives.  This is especially potent when applied to team-building trips and employee recognition excursions. People want to share unique experiences which restore their sense of belonging in a data-driven world and so, experience and connection with their peers are crucial to effective incentives.


Personalization is an emerging trend which demands that goods and services be tailored to individual needs and preferences.  The application to incentives here is clear. Tailoring incentives to the preferences of your employees is a key factor in making them effective.  When you’re offering an incentive which speaks directly to what you understand as the key desirable elements being expressed by specific employees, you’ve created a uniquely appealing inspirational tool. Creating an incentive program which actively seeks out the dreams and interests of employees is where great incentives begin. And Incentive Travel Group brings them to life.

Two decades of expertise.

ITG’s two decades of expertise in travel incentives programming, development, logistics and execution, brings your company the apex of travel incentives which inspire and motivate your people to greater heights. Ready to put these key trends to inspire your employees in 2018 to work?  Contact us to find out how.

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