Individual travel incentives for your top team members are one of the most effective tools at the disposal of today’s businesses. A job well done deserves recognition.  But what about a trip to Jamaica, or even the Bahamas for landing that important client or contract?  Money is something everyone loves having, but you know your employees well enough to understand that individual travel incentives feel more personal.  It’s a gift employers have to put some genuine thought and personal knowledge into. PPS wrote the book on individual travel incentives for organizations like yours.  We’re the industry leaders, bringing you long-term market experience and service that’s personal, customized and on point. At PPS Meetings, we know individual employee incentives rely on insider knowledge of employee preferences.  We tailor our programs to your organization, honoring its unique corporate culture and the individuality of your employees.

Peak Pro™ expertise.

A project like building an individual travel incentives program can burst your staff’s capacity bubble, with its administrative and logistical demands.  By seeking to reward employees, you don’t want the last straw to break the camel’s back.  That means you need outsourced support like ours. Working closely with you and your team, our Peak Pros™ are experienced professionals who help you craft effective, excellence-inspiring individual travel incentives. The interests and preferences of your employees, plus your vision, form the foundation of effective individual travel incentives.  By adding Peak Pro™ capacity, the foundation you and your team provide can be built on to create premium, personalized individual travel incentives that work. Our professionals create individual travel incentives which speak to employee interests and preferences while honouring your vision and corporate culture – and your company’s budget.

Recognizing good work.

  Your team members deserve recognition that goes the extra mile.  Our Peak Pros™ collaborate with you and your employees.  We find out what inspires them and what keeps the fires in their bellies lit. Adding your vision to the mix, we create a strong foundation for outstanding individual travel incentives.  That’s fertile soil in which employee excellence can be recognized and then, flourish.


Recognizing employee excellence with personalized individual travel incentives inspires excellence throughout your organization. At PPS Meetings, our individual travel incentives are the spark, ready to start an inspiration firestorm in your organization.

Greatness grows.

Great employees deserve great individual travel incentives.  Greatness can become part of your corporate culture when you keep the fires in the bellies of great employees lit for all to see.  PPS Meetings creates individual travel incentives that keep that fire lit and diffuse it through your organization. You meet your goals via the hard work and achievements of your staff.  That’s worth celebrating with customized individual travel incentives that both recognize and inspire excellence.

Excellence that inspires.

At PPS Meetings, we believe in excellence.  Let our excellence inspire your team’s.  Contact us to find out how we can help you keep the fire of employee excellence lit and make it part of your corporate culture.

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