travel                     People are traveling more today, thanks to the emergence of affordable airlines and transport systems, the advent of globally mobile work, and the increased access to more technology that encourage trips and make logistics easier. Whether it is just a well-deserved stay cation at a local spot or a much-awaited trip to an international destination, people are increasingly venturing out of their comfort zones to meet new friends, find out about different cultures, and discover interesting things about the world. Individuals seeking adventure are not the only ones who are taking advantage of this new travel culture. Global companies, organizations and businesses are also making the most of today’s heightened interest and access to travel. Business leaders know that incentive travel isn’t simply an optional rewards item anymore – it has become a crucial and indispensable component of a truly effective talent management strategy. The right incentive travel program helps increase employee engagement through a number of ways: Increase motivation. A well-designed corporate travel experience will offer participants a chance to refresh and relax, as well as to acquire new knowledge and inspiration through seminars, workshops and interactions with peers and mentors. They will come back from the trip recharged with new found energy, know-how and motivation that can contribute not only to their personal productivity but to the team’s performance as well. Strengthen work team dynamics.When you gather your top performers and put them together to learn, work, network and have fun in a new environment, you can forge stronger group dynamics that can help them be more productive and effective in doing everyday tasks and finding new solutions to improve how things are done. Craft a cost-effective rewards program. Studies on employee motivation prove that giving employees a memorable, high-value experience is much more effective than simply offering them money.Moreover, compared to individual monetary bonuses, you can design travel rewards in a way that will ensure recipients gain not just personal experiences, but also professional skills that will raise the bar in your business. Create a positive company culture. Travel has always been a great way to refresh the mind, re-energize the spirit and re-frame your perspectives to gain better understanding about one’s self and other people. Giving your team a chance to travel is helping in their development as individuals and contributing to their positive life experiences. An inspired, motivated, happy and healthy workforce stays loyal, high-performing and consistently engaged, all of which are instrumental to the success of any organization.

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