Incentive trips which recognize the contributions of your teams are an excellent tool for fortifying engagement, rewarding superior performance and for retaining your brightest and best.  There’s no question that they work, while rendering exceptional Return on Investment.

But your incentive program and the trips it offers deserving employees gets even better when you get creative to personalize the trip.

There are so many forms this can take and whichever way you’re thinking about incorporating luxury merchandise into incentive trips, getting personal with your superstars adds another layer of fabulosity to the whole affair.

Let’s talk about some cool ways to surprise your winning people with that little touch of luxury we all crave.

The Wellness Trip

There’s nothing more deeply personal than sending your high performers and go getters on a wellness trip which gives them to prefect pretext to kick back and be pampered.  Hotel spas are super-sophisticated now, offering every type of deep tissue massage, facial and specialized treatment under the sun.

Why not surprise your incentive trip recipients with a selection of luxury spa products and accessories like loofahs and facial masks.  If these are obtained through the hotel spa itself, they’ll feel even more special than they already do.

Be sure to include a small memento of the stay that’s enduring.  It can even be something of modest value, as long as it reminds your travelers of the experience and the amazing destination.

Wine Country

So, you’re sending the winners to a fabulous bed and breakfast at a winery in say, Paso Robles or Napa Valley, California.  They’re already going to be treated to some amazing food and wine, so why not sweeten the experience with a selection of wines to take home?  Some special wine glasses?

This is a luxury merchandise touch that should be offered the morning of the last day of the adventure.  Those who may have been planning on buying local vintages to spirit home will be tickled pink when a selection of the vineyard’s finest is delivered to the door of their rooms with the morning paper.  Something lovely to wake up to!

New York City

Your hotshots are going to the Big Apple to take in its limitless flavor and excitement.  Show tickets are great but the experience of New York demands a special flourish.  Luxury merchandise which speaks of the greatest city on earth might include items like locally produced MarieBelle chocolates or a gift box of iconic items from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Get them where they live, with a Katz’s Deli gift box (Taste of Katz’s), including their famed bagels, pastrami and corned beef.  It doesn’t get more quintessentially NYC than Katz’s.  Make the surprise even more delightful by having it shipped to travelers’ homes, to be discovered upon their return from a memorable New York City experience.

Luxury merchandise provides a touch of high-end magic, with the power to make incentive trip experiences even more extraordinary. 

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