Outsourcing your incentive trip program to an external entity may sound like an additional expense.  Truthfully, though, partnering with the professionals at Incentive Travel Group is a budget-smart move.

We’ll be saving you money and time, while we take the details off your plate and put it ours.

We extend your capacity to offer programming, scheduling, itineraries and the most finely curated incentive travel you’ve ever experienced.  At ITG, we’re professionals who extend your capacity, while working to your vision and objectives.

How Do We Do It?

It’s clear that a lot of companies are phasing out the travel coordinator position.  Either that, or they’re rolling other duties into the position.  And that just won’t do when it comes to planning superior incentives.

Incentive trip planning is a complex beast, encompassing travel arrangements, accommodations, food, itineraries and the contingencies which inevitably arise.  Planners must be prepared to turn on a dime to get the crew there and then, to ensure they’re having the time of their lives.

And since we’ve been an incentive trip company for more than 20 years, we’re in the business of saving you money and time.  But how?

Simple – we’ve developed longstanding relationships with vendors in the industry all over the world.  Those relationships offer savings you wouldn’t have access to without ITG’s intervention.  Our partnerships extend to rental car companies, hotels and destination attractions.  In addition, we’re well positioned to find you the best flights and other transportation supports, using leading-edge technology.

You’re steps ahead with ITG saving you money and that most precious of commodities – time.

Trip leaders are liberated to do what they do best – make the trip count by infusing it with corporate culture and all the little extras that make incentive trips so worthwhile.  While you’re taking care of that, we’re taking care of the details, sparing your staff the often frustrating work of getting your people where they need to be on time and for the right price.

ROI for Days

Almost 50% of companies who have robust incentive trip programs in place are increasing their budgets to improve their programs, according to a joint study led by the Incentive Research Foundation.  They’ve discovered that programs like these boost productivity, improve morale and create more harmonious relationships, company-wide.

Aberdeen Research has also reported that companies who deploy incentive trip programs see revenue increases 3 times that of companies who don’t.  And the Incentive Research Foundation has identified an ROI of over 110% and an increase in sale productivity of almost 20% for incentive trip programs.

Impressive numbers, right?

It’s clear that an incentive trip company is so much more than an added expense.  It’s the source of expertise and logistical excellence that creates the conditions needed to grow your company by attracting and retaining superstar employees. 

When incentive trips are a vital part of your culture, you become the company everyone wants to work for – especially those superstars.

Ready to incentivize and inspire?  Contact us to start saving money and time with ITG.

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