Being recognized is something we all desire.  It goes beyond people knowing who we are when they see us, although it’s certainly pleasant to be noticed across a crowded room and immediately recognized.  Recognition for what we do in life is a satisfying reminder that our work is appreciated and important. When people feel valued, they’re more likely to develop feelings of loyalty for their employer.  They’re also more likely to return their best work every day.  In the end, the backbone of every business is loyal employees who are productive, satisfied and willing to stay and build with you. Incentive travel to improve employee recognition opens the door to providing a spotlight on people who often work unnoticed.  Unsung heroes are everywhere, quietly and earnestly doing their jobs because they believe in what they’re doing and more importantly, believe in the organizations they work for.

The element of surprise.

Businesses new to the use of incentives sometimes make the mistake of delaying rewards.  This can annoy employees who do their best work every day as a life practice.  They don’t need to be encouraged as much as those around them might. They may even resent the fact that those who don’t routinely model excellence in the workplace are being “pandered” to.  What they need is meaningful recognition that puts them in the spotlight. With employees like these, the element of surprise is a remarkably effective strategy.  Your unsung heroes are those least likely to be expecting a reward beyond a paycheck.  Placing them at the center of an employee recognition travel incentive is a way to communicate to your staff that consistent quality matters. In fact, we’re willing to bet that kicking off your travel incentive program by honoring someone who keeps their nose to the grindstone as a way of life will send a strong message to other employees.  You’re offering travel incentives to improve employee recognition, so your first move should be to signal that hard work and consistency are admirable qualities which are prized in your organization.

Recognition that builds engagement.

Starting with an unsung hero can ignite the passion to achieve in other players who may be talented, but not working up to their full potential.  There’s a strong undercurrent of traditionalism in the message being sent, which effectively communicates that the incentive rewards a certain level of engagement. And that’s where inspiration lights the fire. When the inspirational fire has been lit, it spreads through your organization rapidly, impacting corporate culture and transforming it.  And that’s your goal – a culture of achievement that sends a strong message that you believe in recognizing good work.

The leaders.

Incentive Travel Group has been in the business of creating quality travel incentives to improve employee recognition for more than 20 years. We’re leaders in the industry, bringing our clients outsourced logistics, planning and execution excellence that supports your organizational goals with premium travel incentives that motivate and inspire your employees. Contact us to discover superlative incentive travel support that takes your organization to the next level.

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