Summer is slowly coming to its end, and pretty soon there will be a turnover of colors – it’s the perfect time for traveling to certain places that reach their peak beauty during autumn. A lot of companies that are offering travel incentives before the end of the year should really look into the top places around the world for travel; employees are sure to get inspired once they learn that these places are where they’ll be treated to for their exemplary performance in targeting those crucial year-end sales.

Presenting new places for travel incentives never fails to excite employees who work hard and would love to take a breather from work, to relax, and to gain a different perspective in a completely new and beautiful environment. For this, incentive travel solutions companies have some of the best destinations in the world that businesses should consider for their incentive travel program; these fall-perfect locations are rounded up in a list below.

  1. Kyoto, Japan – Not only does Japan have really nice autumn festivals all over the country, but Kyoto also has something even more special to offer during the season. The bamboo groves or Arashima make a nice trail for strolling or biking on those cool fall afternoons. There’s something about the warmth of the hues all over that make the bamboo even more enchanting. A lot of artists claim it’s difficult not to emerge from this special location feeling inspired and invigorated.
  2. Montreal, Canada – Fall highlights the natural beauty of this French-speaking region of Northern America. The burst of colors makes the old-world quality of Montreal really shine. Plus, for foodies, Montreal does a fine job of featuring the harvest of the season, be it through drinks, pastries, or comfort fare.
  3. Smoky Mountains, Tennessee – This is one of the most popular spots in the world to enjoy fall foliage, which usually hits its peak in late October and early November. Everybody enjoys the “work of God’s hands” here, especially in Cataloochee which has the most amazing and relaxing view but without the traffic jams.
  4. China – The Great Wall of China is particularly perfect. It’s an adventure to visit The Wall especially when the weather is great, but looking off the wall is another special treat in the fall. The sun really emphasizes the beauty of the foliage of the Jishianling, Hebei Province.
  5. Colmar, France – This area has such a fairy tale quality to it and fall is an ideal time to visit because the sepia-like natural lighting further enhances the beauty of the city.

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