Most female employees these days are very competitive in the workplace. Therefore, it’s no wonder they are frequent recipients of company incentives for excellent performance. If your company is dominated by “girl power” and you’re creating travel incentives to further improve these valuable employees’ contribution to the success of the organization, it’s imperative that you work with incentive travel companies. Working with professionals who completely understand the full value of travel as an incentive will allow your company to gain optimum benefits from this special provision.

In addition to that advantage, incentive travel planners can guarantee the safety of the recipients no matter where their destination will be. They can suggest safety features to be integrated into the program and they are also known to provide practical safety tips for women who are often viewed as easy prey for evildoers abroad.

And speaking of practical safety tips for women, these incentive travel planners have nine definitely worth learning and applying no matter how safe the destination is.

  1. Women should wear respectable clothing especially when they hit the town. To avoid aggressive advances from men (which actually tend to happen even in quite conservative countries), it’s best to dress as the local women do, or similar to what they wear. In some places, married women are automatically left alone by men, so those who don’t want to be bothered by “amorous” males may want to consider wearing a fake wedding ring as a decoy.
  2. Have a bag that can be kept really close to the body at all times. Valuables are safe in such bags, especially in really populated areas. There can be a lot of pickpockets around so don’t make their job easy by makingyour belongings easy to grab or snatch.
  3. Don’t carry expensive cameras or sunglasses on a strap around the neck, especially in crowded locations.
  4. Avoid wearing jewelry, not only because they lure snatchers, but sometimes, a display of wealth is also offensive to locals.
  5. Be careful when taking pictures of people and places, and make sure to ask first if it’s all right to take a snapshot of political images and whatnot.
  6. It’s best to avoid beggars and people who just come up for a talk – they can be dangerous.
  7. Women should always inform a family member or friend and their country’s embassy of their travel itinerary. In case something unusual happens, immediate and appropriate action can be taken.
  8. Learn important local phrases for help. Locals are more helpful to foreigners who speak their language.

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