One important company goal is to encourage the good performance of your employees. For this, incentives will do the trick. Incentives are a mark of competitiveness; additionally, they inspire better creativity and productivity. Best of all, they can secure the loyalty of best performers — when employees are loyal, there's no need to worry about competitors' pirating activities.

Incentives can secure such benefits for your company if they're designed well. Good incentives are all about providing great value to recipients. Therefore, companies put great thought into the program and make sure they’re unique.

If "unique" is what you're going for, particularly for incentive travel, how about going for the unexpected? Consider cities that will reacquaint your employees with their childhood fantasies. Instead of Paris, New York, Hong Kong, or Dubai, have your employees explore fairy-tale like destinations. These places will enrich your employees and provide them a rare experience to fondly look back at.

For incentive travel international destinations that offer a completely magical experience include the following:

  1. Greenland — For those who grew up loving Christmas stories, Greenland will rekindle that love. Throughout the biggest island in the world are small towns that may well have been the setting for beloved Christmas tales.  These small towns have charming, colorful houses that beautify the often snow-covered landscape. Also, in the winter, Greenland offers fantastic views of the Northern Lights. It's an ideal destination for those who want peaceful surroundings.
  2. Sintra, Portugal — This historic town is not far from the capital. Here, you'll find Pena Palace; this beautiful piece of architecture penetrates the skies and it's such a visual treat. Also, because of its exceptional beauty, Sintra inspired the poet Lord Byron to write Childe Harold's Pilgrimage.
  3. Colmar, France — This is a small city in northeastern France. It boasts of old world architecture and a stroll around its small towns is like stepping into a story book. Colmar also brims with tradition and anybody who comes here for a visit will learn about the simple aspects of French culture.
  4. The Faroe Islands, Denmark — These islands look like the home of trolls and elves. The place has amazing landscapes that open pit to an endless sea. It's a fantastic destination to visit if you wish for a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  5. Kitakyushu, Japan — This is the home of the enchanting Wisteria Tunnel. Strolling through this tunnel from April to May will remind anyone that there's magic in the jewels of nature.

Sometimes, a little magic is all it takes to rekindle the joy in people. So, if you want inspired employees, you can reward them with the opportunity to see these unique and magical places.

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