Tropical-Palm-Beach-WallpaperWho wouldn’t jump at the chance to become part of the company’s incentive travel program? It is not just the idea of going to new and potentially exciting destinations but it is also sufficient validation and recognition that the work one does is being appreciated — in the best possible way.   Incentive travel programs not only encourage employees to improve productivity and work toward the company’s goals. It also inevitably retains the best performing workers, which gives your company consistency in business performance. But here’s the thing about this program: You have to make sure you are offering the ideal rewards and the most wonderful destinations. They don’t have to be luxurious, expensive destinations, but an incentive travel house recommends taking your high performing employees to these five amazing places.   1. The Sunshine State That’s right—Florida. According to a travel survey, Florida tops the list of spots for incentive travel. If you or your employees haven’t been, then you should get your incentive travel service to arrange your next event in the Sunshine State.   Apart from heading to the usual spots like Miami, the Florida Keys, and Orlando, you should also check out St. Petersburg for its gorgeous beaches and the impressive Salvador Dali Museum. For a truly energetic vibe, head to Fort Lauderdale.   2. California But where should you go in California? Why not take your best employees for a lovely tour of Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley? Sample the range of wines they offer or have your incentive travel service organize a kind of teambuilding activity, with wine playing a central role.   Another hot recommendation is San Francisco, not just for the artsy vibe but also for the culinary odyssey.   3.The Caribbean Domestic destinations are great and all but you should broaden your horizon and consider international spots for your incentive travel program. And nothing is probably more hypnotic, more stunning than The Caribbean.   The Caribbean offers unique experiences backed with sufficient tourism infrastructure. You can explore Turks & Caicos, Bahamas, or Jamaica.   4.Canada It’s vast. It’s near. It’s perfect for a variety of activities. You can go skiing. You can do golf. Or you could just relax and tour the many cities after meetings.   5.Hawaii Finally, if the business can afford it, why not splurge for your next sales meeting, budget meeting, or annual convention in Hawaii? In addition to the world-class accommodations and wide range of activities, Hawaii is just truly beautiful and should convey your company’s deep appreciation for the high level of work your employees have done.

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