Everyone has a travel dream.  The “bucket list” mentality is a growing trend that sees people creating mental inventories of places they’d like to visit and experiences they’d like to enjoy while they’re there. This is a powerful motivating factor that employers are recognizing all over the world, because it’s clear that incentive travel has a big impact on employee engagement.  There is a strong motivational component in inspiring employees with their own dreams. When your organization can design an incentive travel program which speaks directly to a bullet point on employee bucket lists, you’re well on your way to enhancing employee engagement.

Incredible ROI.

While some employers may blanch at budgeting between $3,000 and $4,000 per participant for an incentive travel experience, they don’t know about the return on investment. It’s quite spectacular. ROI on incentive travel is over 100%, with an increase in corporate sales that makes it more than worthwhile.  That incredible ROI makes employee incentive travel an imperative for companies looking to boost the bottom line.

From good to great.

Sometimes all it takes to get your employees from good to great, realizing their full potential, is a little creative, targeted motivation.  A well-designed and implemented incentive travel program will do that.  When your employees understand that they’re being offered an opportunity to knock off an item on their bucket lists, watch them grow. Incentive travel has a big impact on employee engagement because it tells your employees they’re appreciated and that they belong.  Rewarding their efforts with a travel experience they’ll never forget has a ripple effect that runs through the entire organization. When key people return from a memorable incentive reward trip, they’ll share the experience with others.  That lights a fire in the belly of other staff, bringing them to the party and enhancing your sales figures in a material way.

Build it and they will engage.

When you’re creating a travel incentive program to motivate employees toward excellence, you go straight to the source.  Finding out what’s on their bucket list creates a motivational launching pad from which you can design a program that brings out the best in your team. Employee engagement is enhanced when your staff understands that you recognize their potential and are willing to support them by offering rewards which inspire. At Incentive Travel Group, we’re in the business of building programs that motivate your employees to shine.  When they shine, your company shines.  Savvy employers know that, so they call on ITG to create winning travel incentive programs. Incentive travel has a big impact on employee engagement.  That can’t be denied.  At ITG, we’ve seen the results over more than two decades of incentive program planning and execution. We bring your organization outsourced logistical excellence and intimate vendor and destination knowledge.  We free your key players to focus on what matters  – optimal success and sales growth. Contact us to discover incentive travel that brings out the very best in your team, taking them from good to great with rewards that work.

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