Corporate incentive programs work.  Repeatedly, it’s been shown that programs like these can transform and grow corporate culture into a thing of positive, productive beauty.  That’s why 80% of American companies are deploying corporate incentive programs. At Incentive Travel Group, we design successful corporate incentive programs.  Starting with your vision, we meticulously build a winning program that inspires your employees to reach a little higher.  As corporate incentive program design, planning and execution experts, we know what the building blocks of a successful program are. Recognition before peers, networking, team-building and leisure all figure into a program that’s capable of motivating your employees to bring their best to every day they work for you.  A truly effective corporate incentive program also serves to retain the people in your organization who bring you organizational results.  By developing and nurturing key staff, you build up your corporation and make it the best it can be.

Keeping the best on the bus.

Incentive Travel Group understands how expensive employee turnover can be.  Finding and keeping the kind of people you need on your corporate bus is a challenge.   The nature of work has evolved, which means employees tend to move on more quickly than they have in the past.  Corporate incentive programs are an effective way to meet the challenge represented by this modern reality. A successful corporate incentive program helps you retain high performing staff.  An employee who feels recognized is more likely to stick around.   When that employee bonds with co-workers through a corporate incentive experience, you’ve got a rock star for the long haul. At Incentive Travel Group, our corporate incentive programs are designed to enhance and transform your corporate culture.  We build team cohesion with unique networking and team-building opportunities.  Your team will emerge from their incentive experience a cohesive unit that works together to meet your goals. A team that’s built on shared experience and common purpose is strong.  That means enhanced retention and long term turnover savings for your organization.  You keep the brightest and best, because they feel recognized, appreciated and part of something exciting.

Our professional team.

Our corporate incentive program design experts are your corporation’s professional source for successful programming.  Sensitive to the needs of your corporation’s cultural realities, they focus on your employees and their dreams. From your very first call, you’ll sense the difference Incentive Travel Group’s commitment to excellence makes.  Our professionals are logistical experts who deliver seamlessly executed corporate incentive programs, right through to implementation. Incentive Travel Group’s professional team knows that service excellence is in the details.  Every facet of our corporate incentive programs is expertly designed, planned and executed, from beginning to end.

Share your vision with the pros.

Share your vision with the pros.  Incentive Travel Group provides the professional corporate incentive program design and logistical team that brings it to life. Let us mold your corporate incentive programming vision into one which inspires your employees and keeps them on the bus.

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